Women Heart Attack Symptoms - Are we different?

Women Heart Attack Symptoms

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What makes women different then the men when it comes to heart attacks? Women heart attack symptoms can be a blessing! With the majority of caregivers in America comprising this gender, our risks are greater! The stresses of caregiving can stress and strain relationships and the body - this makes it crucial to know women heart attack symptoms.

I've got great news for women! The National Institute of Health (NIH) has researched and discovered that women experience new or different symptoms of a heart attack up to a month before actually having a heart attack!

In their study of 515 women, 95% of the women said they new their symptoms were new or different a month before experiencing a heart attack! That can be good news for us if we pay attention to our body's.

The most commonly reported symptoms before and during a heart attack were:

  • unusual fatigue
  • sleep disturbance
  • shortness of breath
  • indigestion
  • anxiety
  • weakness
  • cold sweat
  • dizziness

Although doctors say that chest pain is still the number one indicator of chest pain, 43% of these women studied had no chest pain during their heart attack.

Women are usually more in tune with their body's then men are but none the less this study points out that women's heart attack symptoms are not as predictable as men's.

This study is hopeful in that we are better able to divert a possible MI however it is also crucial not to miss the earliest possible signs of an MI.

We are emotional beings...

"Broken Heart Syndrome"

Nieca Goldberg, MD, chief of women's cardiac care, Lenox Hill Hospital, who runs a practice for heart disease in women cites a recent study in The New England Journal of Medicine conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins. The researchers found that sudden emotional stress could result in severe weakness in the heart muscle, making it seem as though the person was having a heart attack. This "broken heart syndrome," says Goldberg, was more common in women.

"I think it's a common thing that women put themselves last on the list and feel very time-pressed to go to exercise or take down time for themselves," says Goldberg, who feels it's especially important to help women identify their support network.

Emotions need to be balanced yet it can be difficult to measure them in a way that gives a picture of balance or imbalance.

It is important to remember that there is help out there. Our emotions can kill us - they can be a very real factor in women heart attack symptoms.

Emotional fitness is just as important as physical fitness in the lives of caregivers and patients alike. It's easy to fix high blood pressure with a pill...but much more difficult to remedy the stress and anger that may be causing it. The high blood pressure may appear fixed but the emotional state of being continues to damage the heart, potentially leading to silent heart attacks or even heart attacks that are not silent. Since our emotional fitness is just as important as our physical fitness, we must find the balance in life for both of them. This may require some major simplification in our lives but it is worth the peace and contentedness that follows.


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