Wheelchair to Car Transfers - Getting your patient AND the wheelchair in the car

Wheelchair to Car - Mission Safely Possible

freedom from cabin fever, coming right up!

Wheelchair to car transfers and wheelchair management is not exactly what most people think of when they think of home safety or independence ... but...

One of the toughest obstacles patients and caregivers alike face is that of getting in and out of a vehicle and accomplishing this safely for both patient and caregiver. No doubt this IS part of a wise home safety checklist. If attempted without any forethought, disaster can lurk at any point in this sometimes tricky transfer.

Yet, mastering this wheelchair to car transfer can spell freedom and excitement for years to come for those otherwise "stuck" at home. It is my theory that those disabled by stroke or any any other means live longer lives when they can go out with a caregiver. And getting out means getting in the car, going, and getting back out of the car.

Of great importance next to seat belt use and the like is your planning for this essential ability.

You may master the car transfers without a hitch until you turn and see that ole wheelchair. Unless it's truly a window shopping ride, that wheelchair needs to come along too. With so many moving parts, though, it can be tougher than getting mom or dad to get in the car!

We want to change that!

So, get the car, get the wheelchair and let's go!

Over 15 years of teaching the most fragile to the most robust caregiver have given me great insight into this task.

Here is what's I've learned, as a home health care physical therapist, about:

  • manual wheelchair to car transfers and

  • management of the sometimes runaway manual wheelchair.


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