Wheelchair Exercise to Improve Strength In The Elderly

Wheelchair Exercise To Improve Strength

the top three!

Wheelchair exercise is the single most important thing you can do to improve your strength, become more independent and ultimate save your life. Whether you are wheelchair bound or not, these principles apply to all!

Aging often brings unwelcome surprises. Perhaps they are not surprises at all yet they creep up on us over the years until we wonder where life has gone.

The ugly facts...

One of these unwelcome surprises is a loss of strength. The magic age at which loss begins is, unbelievable, 30! at the rate of 10% per decade increasing to 15 % per decade in the 60's and 70's then about 30% per decade thereafter.

Wheelchair exercise can improve your strength and save your life - discover the secret basics here
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It's no wonder muscle loss related injury's and debility sneak up on us almost subtly. We are surprised and shocked when we aren't able to do a simple task that was effortless just a year prior. Thus, making strength training a must in these scary Obamacare times!

What you can do...

A well planned exercise routine in your wheelchair can slow this debilitating muscle loss that can rob us of health and mobility. In fact, exercises for the elderly can help to fend off immobility related diseases and restore function, save money, reduce heartache and restore various levels of independence.

Strengthening exercises for the elderly must force the muscle to work against resistance. This does not mean our normal morning walk, running on the treadmill, cycling or the elliptical. No, strength training exercise for the elderly must include resistance by using a weight, dumbbell, theraband or your own body weight.

Improving your strength can save your life by getting your out of that wheelchair. Not to fret if your diagnosis prohibits that from happening! The good news is that you can still find some level at which to exercise at and benefit just the same no matter what you goal.

Wheelchair exercise needs to include three basic body parts:

  • Legs
  • Pushing muscles of the chest and arms
  • Pulling muscles of the arms and back

Throughout life we use our legs to squat, get us up from the couch, and climb steps. We use our pushing muscles to kneed bread, push a shopping cart and put clothes on the clothes line. We use our pulling muscles to open a door, pull the clothes out of the washer and open a car door. And we use all of them together to pick up our grandkids, put out slacks on or get in and out of the bathtub.

Wheelchair exercise can improve your strength and save your life - discover the secret basics here Each exercise is important to the exclusion of none. Each plays a large part in our very independence. Wheelchair life will slowly ebb you ability to stand up, walk or even breath deeply. As we sit, our body functions slow and our body begins to mold to the wheelchair shape that we remain in throughout the day.

Wheelchair exercise can strengthen weak muscles, slow the effects of osteoporosis, improve energy, enhance quality of life and improve our posture. Best of all, a well planned, simple wheelchair exercise routine can help us improve our health and increase our independence.

Whether you are in a wheelchair or not, these top three muscle groups will take you further towards your strengthening goals than working each muscle individually. Teamwork, functional exercises incorporate how we live... individual muscle training doesn't.

The Big Three Most Important Exercises:

Our 74 page e-book is designed to teach you the basics of the best wheelchair exercises you can do no matter what your level of ability. Read more about Wheelchair Freedom! Get Help Get Up Get Out today and start a stronger, healthier day tomorrow!

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