What is a caregiver?

parents? family members? friends? professionals?

home health care physical therapy would not survive without caring, compassionate caregivers. What is a caregiver? Not always an easy question to answer. Caregivers can be anybody for any reason for any length of time. Since we are talking about home health care it may be better to discuss the actually role of a caregiver rather than try to define who actually is one.

The caregiving role will vary in intensity depending on several factors. Over the years it seems the primary factor is the relationship between the caregiver and the patient.

What exactly am I talking about? I'm sure you've seen it too. In fact, anyone of somewhat mature age knows that we always act our best, put our best foot forward and treat other sometimes much more politely, respectfully and lovingly than our own family members.

This oddity does not seem to mature over the years, and in fact often times can get much worse as the ones that we give care to age. While the reasons for this are multifactorial, suffice it to say that 'what we don't with now will deal with us later.' This is a gentle but straight forward way of encouraging you to work on your issues.

If your interest is peaked and you want to make your Golden years truly golden for yourself and your caregivers, begin your journey today.

What is a caregiver? That is something that needs to be decided between you and your loved ones while you can still talk about it.

It seems that the closer we are to those who are caring for us, the more we feel we can let it all hang out. This is good in a way as it shows that we have a place to just be ourselves. However, on the other hand, as patients we need to look at the patterns in our lives and see how we harm ourselves and others by letting our hair down all the time.

In discovering what a caregiver is, you, the caregiver, must learn to set your boundaries. This is easier said than done. And much easier so when the caregiver is a paid professional.

Caregiver burnout happens every day due to caregivers overextending themselves to care for others often to the detriment of both parties Caregivers offer their assistance out of love, guilt, lack of finances etc. Whatever the reason it is important to discuss the caregiving role to family members NOW, while they are still young and thinking straight.

It may be too late at this point but if it's not, discuss what a caregiver is with your loved ones. Get their ideas and sign an agreement if you must about what you will and will not accept if times should dictate your caregiving role in their lives.

If you find that it is too late, define your abilities now. Decide what you can give and what you can not. Put guilt aside and take care of you too. If your health breaks down, there will be two patients to take care of. Life is too short to spend it in bitterness and resentment.

What is a caregiver? One who takes care of themselves too!...it's the only way you can take care of someone else!

Don't wait till you're burned out before you ask yourself, "What is a caregiver?" And, don't wait till your potential caregivees are unable to discuss it with you in their right minds.

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