Walk In Tub Pricing - Pricing Consideration To Think About Before You Buy

Walk In Tub - How Pricey Are They?

Walk in tub pricing can be expensive but the enormous health benefits for the elderly can far outweigh the cost. Many American's are looking now for ways to enjoy their Golden Retirement years. Instead of purchasing an RV or a second snow bird home, they are investing their money in features that will enhance their health for years to come for several reasons.

One of the wisest reasons to purchase a walk in tub is for the enormous returns on health benefits. We all know that all the money in the world is nothing if we don't have our health! The use of a walk in tub is not only hygienic (cleanliness) but is very therapeutic. Many are not waiting till they are older to enjoy better health!

The best benefit to this bathroom wonder is the pain relief that many find by soaking in warm water and/or by using the whirlpool jets for a massage affect. Pain can spiral us out of control and out of commission rendering us to become less and less active as we age. These bathtub options can remedy the pain while providing the opportunity for total body bathing! The jetting system can provide many of the same benefits as a massage, all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Speaking of water jets...

There are two types of jets used with tubs like this. Air and water. Both cost extra but the additional cost will be well worth the benefit. Water jets recirculate water already in the tub, pushing it through a smaller opening for pain relief and healing due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, replacements, broken bones and circulation problems.

Air jets are whirlpool jets and use air to accomplish the same goal. Air jets are much softer as they use air and since they do not recirculate the water, they tend to be cleaner. Air jets can be be gentler on aging skin and can be used for a long period of time. Air jets need to have a purging system to clean them out. This purging system pushes out any remaining water to avoid bacterial build up or hard water build up.


Price can be anywhere from $1000 to over $20,000 depending on size, warranty, jetting systems, the kind of materials used and where they were made. Price goes up for installation vs. do it yourself. It is not recommended that you try to install one yourself, but if you do, most warranties are then void.

There are many ways to shop for and find a walk in tub that fits your needs and your pocket book. In home presentations are typically the most expensive. Shopping for a tub on the Internet seems to be the leas costly. There are pros and cons to each method of shopping and purchasing. Just like you ask questions when you are buying a car or cell phone, please remember to ask any questions you may have while shopping.


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