A Walk In Bathtub Can Be Purchased Several Different Ways. Find The One That Fits Your Budget.

Walk in Bathtub - your buying options

Walk in bathtub purchases are rising as all ages seek the benefits of hydrotherapy, relief of joint aches and pains and relaxation. Next to a hot tub or jacuzzi, a bathtub stands head and shoulders taller with the ability to turn such luxury into, of all things, a bath! Most take a shower or bath every day or so but as we age, loss of balance, strength or pain can keep us not only out of the bathtub but in bed far to long.

When buying a walk in bathtub, there are several ways to go about it. You first step should cover researching your item online. Find out everything you can about these bathroom wonders so you are educated when you start your actual search. After you've educated yourself about walk in bathtubs, have your questions written on paper and have a couple thousands bucks in your pocket, you're ready for the next step... but what is the next step?

Should you purchase one online or have someone demonstrate in your home? Can you trust department stores that sell thousands of different items? Below are some of the ways you can purchase a walk in bathtub. You'll have a better understanding of what way fits your needs the best after looking through them.

Big Box Retailers

These guys usually sell their product only on the web. They have little knowledge about the specific product since they sell thousands of other products as well. However, they are usually well known, have well established brands and sell with consumer confidence offering better return policies.

Online Retailers

One of the most popular ways to buy a walk in tub and many products in this day and age is through an online retailer. These guys tend to focus in on a specific product line such as walk in tubs but some may offer walk in tubs as only one of their bathroom safety equipment products. Your best option is to talk with someone on the phone or via email before making your online purchase. Onliners don't have the overhead costs so you may find a variety of pricing. Proceed with caution and be sure you are dealing with a BBB company. If you like to touch and feel your purchase before buying, you might by pass the online retailer as they are not store based. You may get a better price online but you might also sacrifice seeing the physical product on the storeroom floor first. And a walk in tub is a hefty purchase to by pass the touch and feel step!

Show Rooms and Local Distributors

Probably your best bet for a good price and being about to touch and feel your walk in tub before purchase. Show rooms can be DME stores, bathroom and kitchen supply stores and stores who offer supplies for home safety for the elderly.

In Home Consultation

This is probably the best bet for making sure that what you want and need fits where it will go in you home! A sales rep will come to your home, evaluate your home layout and discuss the options that you have. They will help you "see" what your walk in tub will look like in your home and may show you brochures, CD's or DVD's about the products benefits etc to help sell the product. If you have done your research homework prior to your in home consultation, you will already know the benefits but you should write down any questions you may have before they leave or at least before you order one! This option may also be the most pricey but can be worth getting exactly what you need.

Mix it up!

Nothing wrong with having and in home consultation, finding what you need on the Internet's, then finding that exact one in a show room so you can touch and feel and get all your questions answered, then ordering from an online retailer or big box retailer. This is how I shop for larger items, then I follow my gut about who I should purchase from. You want your walk in tub installed correctly AND you want a good warranty - so be sure to cover all your bases!

With so many ways to purchase a walk in tub, it's too easy not to! The health benefits outweigh the cost and your home becomes that much more marketable when you move. Do your home work and you'll come out on top!


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