Transport Shower Commodes - using wheels to get clean.

using transport shower commodes increases elderly safety in home health care elminating falls. Transport shower commodes - last but not least. Popular in nursing homes and rehab units due to it's ability to roll on wheels fairly easily. Home owners use these if they have a large wheel in/walk in shower designed specifically for a patients needs. You can also use them on carpet or just for easy transport to the bathroom. The convenience of this transport shower commode is that it doubles into a commode. Easily just wheel your patient right over the toilet or commode without an additional transfer. Some chairs come with a convenient attachable bucket for emergency needs in the shower or elsewhere.

Generally made of a combo of light weight plastic and rust proof steel this 3-in-1 turns into a 5-in-1 with the added transport features. Some of these commodes sport regular wheelchair wheels for ease of use in the home and over carpet, have leg rests and even drop arms on both sides for total versatility.

While these commodes are handy for getting the job done quickly, they can easily steal valuable bed mobility, transfer training and strength producing walking opportunities from patients. On the other hand, this toilet bedside commode may be your only option to transport a patient to the shower where valuable and healing water therapy can bring life and vitality to a weakened individual.

With so many uses of this type of commode, the convenience of it must be weighed with the services it can provide vs. the opportunity's that it takes away such as a short walk that improves health and strength. Often, with a little bit of strength training and education, both caregivers and patients can obtain a higher level of independence from each other and move back into a world of navigation, mobility and delight.


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