Time management tips

crucial for your health.

Time management tips - survival of the fittest? At times you wonder. It's 2009 - our family's are sicker than ever with no end in sight. Multiple doctor appointments, grocery shopping, beauty shop stops, car maintenance, errands, banking, back to school. The list is endless.

Caregivers are stretched thin at every turn. Often taking care of aging parents or grandparents and raising toddlers or older kids. Add to this sandwich generation little sleep at night and constant demands from others through out the day and you have the perfect set up for meltdown.

Are you a caregiver caring for loved ones, burning the candle at both ends? Take a few moments to review tips from others in the same situation as you.

Our discussion forums are from you for you. Caregiver and patient alike, our community will help you make wise decisions in these critical times. We'll help you survive home health care.

Have you been there? Have you survived through a home health care bout of taking care of a friend or family member? How did you handle this likely crisis interruption? Those with structure in place surrounding the precious gift of time seem to do better in the midst of and after the crisis is over. Help others with your ideas.

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