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for all of life.

Sunshine goes further than most medications to ensure high quality health for the elderly Sunshine and health go hand in hand. Everything that is alive depends on the sun and it's processes. That includes the energy wavelengths of various types, the most beneficial to us being the ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Many caregivers and patients stay cooped up in a home or building all day long. Over a period of time, the consequences of not taking in this free medicine on a daily basis for vital health slowly ebbs away at the only life we have.

Sunshine Can Do What?

Sunlight on the body can:
  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Lower Cholesterol

  • Lower High Blood Sugar

  • Save You Money - It's FREE!

  • Lower Breathing Rate

  • Increase Oxygen In Your Blood

  • Help Blood Carry More Oxygen To Your Body

  • Help With Asthma

  • Lower High Blood Sugar

Twice The Benefit - Exercise AND Sunshine and health!

Ramp up these benefits when you throw physical activity into the picture! Cut your fatigue and exhaustion in half while doubling your capacity to work! This happens partly because of an increase in glycogen content in the blood and muscles after sunshine and exercise combined.

Lower My Heart Rate - did we mention sunshine and health?

Want a Lance Armstrong resting heart rate? OK... not that low but sunlight will lower your resting heart rate. AND after exercising, it will return to normal more quickly. Your heart strength is steadied and deepened. All because of sunlight! Not 20 drugs, but pure, natural sun! When your heart strength is steadied, it now pumps more blood with each beat, therefore slowing down and resting between beats. So a slower, steadied heart with an increase in oxygen output all because of a sunbath!? Amazing! Here's to your health!

Insulin Effects From The Sun?

Diabetics, listen up! Exposure to the sun has been found to have an insulin like effect on the body by lowering blood sugar. No sliding scales, no guess work... the sun knows how to handle your health! The sun will lower blood sugar for those who have a problem with high blood sugars!

Discover how the sun helps in lowering blood sugar using forms of alternative medicine

Low Stress Sunbath

A short duration sunbath has proven to lower stress in the elderly and improve rehab gains in home health physical therapy Sunbaths can lower stress and give you a deeper sense of well being, not to mention improved health! We can't forget the good nights' rest that it can help with too! Sunbaths are just plain relaxing and this benefit allows you to handle the stresses of life much better. Stress often facilitates ulcers. Ulcer patients have been shown to benefit and improve from sunbaths as sunshine on the body calms the nerves improving health. Sunshine and health - your key to healing.

Vitamin D - Your Link To Longevity Sunshine and health means vitamin D. The Archives of Internal Medicine reports that plenty of it can cut your risk of death from any cause in half in the next 8 years. The sun. Something that most of us feel or see almost every day (even through cloudy skies). But it is estimated that 50-60% of North America's older population do not have enough Vitamin D from this free resource. Our younger population is not far behind!

When the ultraviolet rays of the sun hit the skin, find out what changes for strong bones, nails and teeth.

Good bone health, lower fracture rates, lower cancer rates, better immune function, lower heart disease rates and lower rates of death from all causes are the result of at least 20-30 ng/mL levels of serum vitamin D. However, two-thirds of North America's senior population has levels less than and far below this.

This study followed 3,258 persons for 8 years who had gone to the hospital for angiography. They found that as long as the vitamin D levels remained high, deaths from all causes remained low. But as vitamin D levels dropped, death rates went up. This study was adjusted for age, sex, BMI, physical activity, smoking, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, aspirin use and other factors.

People with adequate Vitamin D levels (30ng/mL) were 2.34 times less like to die than those with less than 10ng.mL Vitamin D (deficient). Those having still less than 30ng/mL levels had 54% increased risk of dying.

These low serum people were then compared to people who did not have coronary heart disease and the risk of death from any cause was then 3.6 times higher. This group of people more closely resembled the general public.

We can conclude that our mortality can be related to vitamin D levels.

How do we remedy this problem? First off, find out what your serum vitamin D level is.

Sunbaths. Discover how long to stay in the sun for potential production of 20,000 IU of vitamin D.

Since the ultraviolet rays that make Vitamin D are filtered out of the atmosphere in the northern winter climates, a vitamin D supplement is a good idea. Serum vitamin D levels can drop significantly during the winter months. In this particular study, these levels dropped by 89% from August to March.

Better Than Cheerios!

Sunshine can lower cholesterol in the elderly better than eating a bowl of cheerios can! Sunshine and health... lowering your cholesterol one point at a time. Will Cheerios lower your cholesterol more than sunshine? Maybe, but I doubt it. We'll tell you how it can.

In 1904 it was discovered that the cholesterol just beneath the skin was changed to Vitamin D when sunlight hit the skin. Then cholesterol from the blood is sent to take it's place and this in turn is also changed to Vitamin D. End result? Lower blood cholesterol! (Reported 13% reduction two hours after a sunbath!) Lower your stroke risk too!

And The List Goes On!

Sunshine affects your health in so many ways. Here are a few more:

  • Healing Agent for Tuberculosis of Skin, Bone And Lung
  • Healing Agent for Strep
  • Fungus Infections of The Toes and Feet
  • Healing Agent for the Common Cold and Flu
  • Helps with Spinal Meningitis
  • Increase White Blood Cells - Mostly Lymphocytes
  • Antibody Production
  • Helps Treat Arthritis
  • Healing Agent for Gout
  • Helps Heal Wounds
Wound Care

A popular way that sunshine and health work hand in hand; as sunlight hits the skin, circulation increases through a greater blood supply to the exposed area. The ultraviolet rays of sunlight and fresh air boosts the health of the wound by killing bacteria in and around it.

Talk to your doctor first, but you just may benefit from sunbaths to your wounds for a little bit each day. Remember the first choice of sunlight for your health is that from the natural blazing ball in the sky!

Heavy Metal Detox?

Worried about poisonous chemicals in your body? It is a known fact that sunlight helps to destroy many of them. Kudos to sunshine and health again!

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Cobalt
  • Manganese
  • Cadmium
  • Flouride
  • Benzene
  • Pesticides
  • Quartz and Coal Dust!

Sunlight helps to increase the amount of enzymes in the system whose purpose is to gobble those chemicals up! Nature has perfect math too... in exchange for the poisonous chemicals, sunshine helps to increase those valuable trace minerals in your body! When it comes to sunshine and health, you can hardly go wrong with sunshine!

Weight Loss Too?!

Spending time in the sun can help obese elderly home health patients lose weight Give me sunshine and health, shed the pounds! That easy? Maybe not, but sunshine has been known to improve the function of the thyroid. That little glad regulates your metabolism... so get out in those ultraviolet rays for your health! More here.

Increase that metabolism and you'll use more calories! Not just by helping the thyroid but with increased muscle tone which uses more calories as well. Not to mention how much better you will sleep at night!

One more bonus...less chance of tearing during childbirth?

4.0 GPA? Try This!

Sunshine can help the elderly improve memory and brain power therefore improving health and physical therapy outcomes Sunshine and health? I mean, grades! Sunlight affects your health and your grades in ways you won't believe! Regular sunbaths can help you in school!

  • Greater interest in class
  • More Regular Attendance
  • More Alert
  • Balance In Brain Nerve Impulses
  • Better Outlook On Life

Got Sunshine?

Dr. Zane Kime, in his book, Sunlight , wrote this:

"If too much sunlight is received, it can have a drying effect, and one may occasionally have flaking, dry skin. Exposure to the sun should be progressive, beginning with only a few minutes a day...If the tissues of the skin are saturated with the necessary vitamins, the sun will not age the skin but enhance its beauty." p. 89.

"Nutrition and sunlight are intimately related. By striking the skin, sunlight can produce certain hormones and nutrients like Vitamin D. Unless one has a proper diet, sunlight has an ill effect on the skin. This must be emphasized: Sunbathing is dangerous for those who are on the standard high fat American diet or do not get an abundance of vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruits. Those on a standard high fat diet should stay out of the sun and protect themselves from it; but, at the same time, they will suffer the consequences of both the high fat diet and the deficiency of sunlight." p. 117

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