Suction Cup Grab Bars - let the safe shower begin!

Economical, safe and very effective in home health safety for the elderly to eliminate bathroom and shower falls Suction cup grab bars are a hot item these days and rightly so, but be careful, they are not fail proof. While these simple and effective items have solved a lot of problems for many people, remember that they are not permanently attached to your shower wall. They can easily loose their suction if you don't check them before you use them. despite the fears that I want you to have about them, however, they can be a great addition to your bathroom safety equipment check list.

Suction Cup Grab Bars:

  • demand the proper dry surface to work right. This means a smooth non textured surface that the entire cup of the bar can suction firmly to. Covering two tiles won't work. A rough surface won't work. There must be no way for air to get under the cup.

  • will only support assistance and not a full body weight pull. If you need to be pulling a lot when getting in and out of the bath or shower, these may not be safe for you. They've have been known to pull a tile right off the wall! Use these for balance purposes only. If you need more assist than a tiny tug - get regular bars installed.

  • can easily pull a tile right off the wall! Can't hurt to say it twice! These things work well when they work and fail miserably if you fail to check them before using them.

  • are portable - take them with you on vacation or a move. Easy to throw into a suitcase but remember that not all surfaces on your vacation will be alike. If you are in doubt - check it out by sticking the suction cup grab bar to the surface and giving a good firm tug.

  • require no drilling or assembly/disassembly. And no batteries required! Easy as stick, lock and use!

  • stick, lock and use. Oh - we mentioned this already but they are very easy to use and if you don't like them in one place or direction, take it of reposition them!

  • A word to the wise... in my experience with 100's of patients, the shorter grab bars work better and are sturdier than the longer ones. It is your choice though and they come in all shapes and sizes - well almost!


Suction cup grab bars are the best. Although you can't do pull ups with them, they are movable, flexible and inexpensive - did I mention effective? If you don't like where you put it, put it somewhere else. They are great and with the many styles out now, the sky's the limit. If you are needing a short term solution to a temporary weakness or balance issue, this is your answer. How about mobile safety? Take it with you on trips! Play around with placement - once you find that perfect spot, install a permanent grab bar. The options are limitless!


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