Stroke Symptoms - Simple steps you can take to avoid this disease, how to identify a stroke and what to do if you are having one.

Stroke Symptoms

lifestyle change now, or debility later.

Stroke symptoms are usually caused by our own lifestyle - or the way we live. Many of us find that strokes "run" in our families as we take on the same family lifestyles of eating that we grew up with. While western America enjoys the luxuries of affluence and therefore high processed delicacies loaded with fat, cholesterol and sugar, we kill ourselves in the process - with our forks - slow suicide. Strokes CAN be prevented!

Stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US and the leading cause of serious long term debility.

Risk Factors
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Smoking (quadruples risk while second hand smoke doubles risk
  • Obesity
  • Family history of strokes
  • Previous strokes or TIA's

All but two of these risk factors can be modified or changed , thus preventing the likelihood of a stroke. Eighty percent of all strokes can be prevented. This is a huge number!

After working 15 years worth of rehabilitating stroke victims, this accident is the number one no-no on my list of medical problems to get! I've seen those with TIA's or mini strokes (only a matter of time till the big one comes). I've seen totally debilitated patients who gain little in the way of function.

Strokes are prevented with a plant based diet and plenty of activity. Since stroke symptoms are caused by cholesterol plaques clogging the arteries of the neck and brain, we can easily begin to remove the cholesterol in our diets to avoid this devastating disease.

Hardening of the arteries also contribute to stroke symptoms. When we are active and exercise, we are also exercising our veins and arteries... allowing them to remain flexible and pliable. Sitting all day encourages them to become stiff, just like we are sometimes stiff when we have been in bed all night... yet movement loosens us up. Exercise has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure which is primary contributor to strokes.

Exercise potential after a stroke can be severely limited compared to the freedom to exercise as part of a lifestyle lived to prevent strokes and other life changing and life threatening diseases.

Our number one resource also lists 3 effective recipes on page 433 to use in the event that you are nowhere close to a hospital or doctor. Find out how pineapple and oxygen can reduce your risk of experiencing stroke symptoms (on the same page). AND, learn simple hydrotherapy treatments to do during and after an attack. These should not take the place of calling 911!

Identifying a Stroke is critical to stroke treatment

Recognizing stroke symptoms is crucial to long term rehab, function and exercise ability.

The good news outside of prevention is the three hour window of the highly successful, clot busting drug, t-PA. Unfortunately, t-PA can cause dangerous bleeding and can not be used for hemorrhagic strokes (stroke caused by a burst blood vessel(s)) or if the victim fell or suffered trauma during the stroke.

T-PA must be administered within three hours of the first signs of trouble, the sooner the better. Over half of stroke recipients who receive t-PA leave the hospital three months later with little or no disability.

Sounds great doesn't it?! Sadly enough, though, less than 2% of all stroke victims receive this life changing medication.

  1. Many family, friends or bystanders do not recognize stroke symptoms and the need to get help fast.
  2. Many people in need of help don't recognize these symptoms and arrive at the hospital too late.
  3. Many times, stroke symptoms are hard to identify and can be mis-diagnosed by medical professionals.
  4. Only special stroke certified hospitals can treat strokes in this most effective way.
  5. Many people will wait to see their primary care doctor instead of seeking a neurologist at a certified stroke center.

All of these instances divert life changing medication within the crucial 3 hour window.

So, what ARE the symptoms?!

The stroke symptoms are simple and easy to remember FAST:

  • F - Face - Crooked smile
  • A - Arm - One arm won't lift as high as the other
  • S - Speech - Slurred speech
  • T - Time - Call 911 NOW!

If you or someone nearby experience one or all of these symptoms, CALL 911

Acting now to change your lifestyle can prevent this awful, debilitating disease. Acting FAST can preserve the 3 hour window needed for t-PA to work. You can prevent this disease now or let it ruin your life later. I recommend the 8 simple steps found in our 5.5 pound best selling resource.


Prevent stroke symptoms and change your lifestyle!

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