Strength Training Leg Exercises

simple. basic. effective.

Strength training leg exercises are some of the most important exercises you can do to gain, maintain or improve your independence. Done by patients and caregivers a like, the following information will transform your feeble legs and back over the next days, weeks and months if done faithfully.

Our bodies only need a couple things to begin 'wearing and tearing' for the entire unit to start to break down. Before we know it, we become couch potatoes and wonder about the active years gone by and how we ended up in our current situation.

Invest only a few minutes several times a day - follow the tips on a daily basis and you'll be amazed at your progress. Forget home exercise gyms, gym memberships and the like! This is baby boomer fitness and it's simple, basic and effective!

When trying to decide which exercises to pursue before or after your total knee replacement surgery, it's wise to determine a few things:

  • 1. How much pain are you in? It's not wise to grunt and groan through significantly more pain!

  • 2. What is your doctor letting you do? It's wise to stay within his/her advice.

  • 3. Why are you hurting? Is it really your pain, weakness, fascial restrictions or perhaps a breathing problem that keeps you from pursuing leg strengthening exercises?

If knee or hip pain is your biggest obstacle, consider doing some self treat myofascial release techniques that will amaze you!

If your doctor orders are limiting you, you can still learn about myofascial release and do this safely and effectively as it does not require any level of activity such as strengthening. You will enjoy reduced pain and improved outcomes as your doctor moves you along in your protocol.

If you put your strength training leg exercises on hold because of pain, a breathing issue or some other limiting factor, it is wise to learn what you can do to naturally help that issue first so that you are able to pursue your fitness or rehab goals.

Strength training leg exercises come in all shapes, sizes but most importantly levels. An acute total knee replacement patient will need to start on an acute level of care when it comes to strengthening. Some one 1-2 months post op may be further along or less further along - every body is different as are pain tolerance and motivation levels as well as the strength of your support group.

While nobody progresses equally by some canned program or protocol, everyone should progress provided faithfulness to the effort. You'll see in the exercises listed below that some have various ways of accomplishing the exercise i.e. standing, lying down etc. This has only to do with where gravity fits in the picture and although a standing side leg kick can sound absurd in the acute phase of a total knee replacement, they are easier and more effective to do in a standing position.

Many of my visitors ask me why I include lazy boy curls - all joints must be able to push against a strong core to work efficiently and effectively. Core strengthening is often ignored in traditional total knee or total hip protocols to your detriment. Ask yourself this: Is it easier to run on sand at the beach or a paved road? Of course, the paved road gives you solid ground to push against, sand gives as soon as you push against it. The body needs a strong core to push against.

  • Quad Sets

  • Glute Sets

  • Heel Slides

    • Standing

  • Straight Leg Raises

    • Standing
    • Lying Down
    • Sidelying

  • Ankle Exercises

  • Short Arc Quads

  • Hip Abduction
    • Standing
    • Lying Down
    • Sidelying

  • Hip Extension
    • Standing
    • Lying Down
    • Sidelying

  • Lazy Boy Curls


    Most people can benefit from increasing their activity level (exercising) - so, let's get moving even if you can't really figure out what to focus on. I'll have an E-book coming soon to outline a great rehab program for leg strengthening no matter where you're at in the process.

    Whether you do it yourself or ask for help - it's crucial that you remain strong, active and mobile for optimal health and to stay out of the hospital or nursing home.


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