Start a home health business on a small scale?

by Harold Wilson
(Richmond, Virginia (Chesterfield County))

Harold's Question:

Dear Marcia,

Is it possible to start a home health care business on a small scale i.e. a few CNA's, one nurse and myself? We have a lot of adult care experience.

Marcia's Answer:

Dear Harold,

Starting a Home Health Agency can get big and ugly fast. You've really got to have everything in place before you would even be allowed to establish yourself.

If you are providing medical home care, you would need to provide those services or have contracts to be able to. Last I checked, you had to have 7 patients, a boatload of money - and that's enough to discourage anyone.

You may want to consider providing non-medical care or even (if you are a PT) going the cash pay route. This too requires some diligent home work and is not so cut and dried but many PT's are going that route and many patients are wanting that option!

To avoid all the headache, consider negotiating a great pay rate for per diem visits at a home health agency.


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