Signs of Breast Cancer. The diagnosis will change your life, your focus, your passions - avoid it or treat it.

Signs of Breast Cancer

an overview.

Signs of breast cancer can strike fear in the hearts of any man or woman. A diagnosis of cancer will change life the way you know it. In seconds, your thoughts, your energy and your passion will turn to surviving this all too common disease. There is hope. There is help and it's all free.

The most common sign of this leading cause of death among women in the US are lumps in the breast - these firm lumps are usually pain free, however, there are various signs of breast cancer besides the most common lumps. In addition, some lumps may be due to fibrocystic changes during the bleeding cycle.

The nipple can become itchy, red and sore (Paget's disease of the nipple) or the entire breast can become very sore and tender (inflammatory carcinoma).

An important fact to keep in mind is that biopsy's can be dangerous. Taking a slice of tissue to observe under the microscope immediately releases any cancer (if there is any) into the body where it can more rapidly spread.

Factors can increase the risk of breast cancer in women who:
  • are over 40 years of age.
  • live in areas of the US where there is less sunlight.
  • started menstruation early in their youth.
  • had a late menopause
  • gave birth later in life
  • have a family history of breast cancer
  • developed obesity after menopause
  • have a history of eating a high fat diet
  • have or had a history of alcoholism
  • wear a bra more than 12 hours a day - especially those with stiffening wire

Some research indicates that oral contraceptives can increase your risk 3x, that silicone breast implants causes cancer in test animals and that less vitamin A is found in those with breast and other cancers.

The "C" Word

Mention Cancer in most circles and an eery silence occurs. Why?

We don't know where to start or what to say when this word penetrates our world.

The signs of breast cancer begin with the uncontrolled cellular proliferation with potential to spread. It starts with a cough, a night sweat, and then delivers more signs by progressing or from the side effects of treatment.

Treatment seems to rarely include exercise in the first stages of discovery. Instead there is a crisis intervention: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy all designed to cure the cancer, control it or bring relief of symptoms. Some die during this process, some live. Some choose alternative medicine and again, some die, some live.

It is my humble opinion that exercise can help everyone, even those with cancer. However, considering it's complexity, various stages, remission, metastasis and mirage of other factors, exercise needs to be approached hand in hand with an exercise specialists such as a physical therapist or specialized personal trainer - all under the direction and care of your physician.

Hope remains however, as we consider Lance Armstrong and his journey to victory over cancer and in the Tour De France. Extraordinary.

Treatment choices are yours. Some are free and include the 8 natural laws of healthy living, others include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. People have lived and died pursing both treatment options. If you have signs of breast cancer, act now by meeting with your physician!

No matter your treatment choice, learning about the free natural ways to improve your healing is in everyone's best interest.

Don't wait for the signs of breast cancer... make changes now! Set your body, mind and soul on a path to health, peace and joy!

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