Senior Health Care Insurance For Home Health Care

Senior Health Care Insurance

affording the expense of home health care.

Senior health care insurance is like a security blanket for the unknown. Home health care can be costly at best and having insurance does not mean a whole lot unless you know what your policy says. Some plans will cover 100%, some will cover part of the bill while others limit your total home health visits to a specific number per year.

Home health care provider insurance is on the rise today and is something you should consider or at least become knowledgeable about. There are several reasons why you should consider home health care insurance for seniors:

You may be one of the 10,000 boomers turning 65 every day for the next 20 years - Golden Years brings sometimes less than golden health.

A Harvard University study suggests that 62% of all bankruptcy's stem from medical expenses. (Yet, 72% of those people had some form of health insurance.)

Home care agencies bill Medicare around $200 per visit. This does not include supplies and varies by discipline. When you consider a Nurse, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist and perhaps a home health aid comeing to your house three times a week, you're pushing $2000 per week! Home care agencies will usually negotiate fees if you are paying out of pocket, however, the expenses can still be very high! An economical reason to search out senior health care insurance!

The last thing you need in addition to the stress of being sick is the stress of needing unaffordable help!

Premiums are lower now! A reduction in premiums and an easing of standards for the federally administered Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will allow more Americans to get health insurance.

So, you've decided that it might be a good idea but are not sure where to start. Home care services are usually paid for by a third party such as Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. There are certain medical and eligibility requirements that need to be met before Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance companies will authorize care. Some senior health care insurance options below may help you sort through your options.

Payment options include:

  • AARP - Senior Medicare Supplement Insurance.

  • Self Pay - you or another party pay "out of pocket."

  • Long Term Care Insurance - policy's vary widely. Some plans cover what Medicare already covers.

  • Medicare - most American's 65 or older benefit. Read More

  • Medicare Home Health Benefit

  • Medigap - individual policy designed to bridge the expense gap in Medicare coverage. Best for short term, acute situations.

  • Medicaid - State run with varying elegibility requirements.

  • Older American Act - May cover non-medical services to those 60 years old or older with the greatest social and financial needs. More information on Older American Act

  • Veteran's Administration - Helps those 50% or more disabled due to service related condition. Certain criteria must be met. Find out more here.

  • Social Services Block Grant Programs - Vary by state. Contact your state health department or local offices on aging for more information. Find more information for your state here.

  • Community Organizations - Some funds may be available to cover some costs of eligible individuals.

  • Commercial Health Insurance Companies - may cover some home health care costs - plan vary widely.

  • Managed Care Organizations - may cover some services but must be pre-approved, therefore lapses in patient care are likely.

  • TRICARE/CHAMPUS - a cost share program covering many home care services for dependents of active military personnel, military retirees, dependents and survivors. Detailed information here.

  • Workers' Compensation - Covers necessary home care services for job related injuries.

  • Preventing Home Health Care - The best way to lower your chances of needing home care in the future and lessening your need for them even now is to look at the 8 simple free natural laws that affect each of us. Turn to these proven, God-given basics and watch you health turn around. More on this alternative, yet natural and powerful medicine remedy.

Senior health care insurance can give you peace of mind and rest at night! The best plan, however, is to avoid the need for costly home health care needs and even unnessecary doctor benefits. We do this by following the simple steps outlined in our best seller. We call it our Personal Desk Reference (PDR) and use it as a form of alternative medicine. Although it is not health insurance, as the cost of everything (including your co-pay!) sky rockets, this PDR will surely become our senior health care insurance as my husband and I age.

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