Recommendations for best car for manual transfers

by Daniel

My 89-year old dad is recovering from broken hip very slowly and has just recently been able to transfer to car with help of PT and caregiver. My mom's car is a 2000 Buick Park Avenue. While the transfer was OK, the seat in the car was lower than wheelchair.

My mom will be getting a newer car very soon--probably 2012 or newer. What is best car to facilitate transfers? I believe that the most important criteria are 1/similar height between wheelchair and passenger seat, and 2/lots of legroom (Dad's knees are very stiff and bending is a big problem).

Some folk are strongly urging my mom to get an SUV or crossover like a Honda CRV, Toyota Rav or Highlander. I have thought that a sedan style like a Toyota Camry, or Hyundai Sonata would be best. I can find interior legroom specifications on sites like Sdmuns, but can't find any way to compare overall seat height. I believe the SUV/Crossover styles may be too high for easy transfer.

What are the most important considerations, and is there a "Best" vehicle for transfers?

Thank you,

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