Private Home Health Care Is Becoming The Option Of Choice As Quality of Care plummets, Medical Mistakes Increase and Patient Satisfaction Slumps Lower and Lower.

Private Home Health Care

more than convenience.

Private home health care is on the rise as more and more insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid seem to be covering the more personalized and customized patient care option. However, beyond the obvious advantages of home care in your home are hidden for more benefits that just may bend your ear and your vote...

Consider these advantages

  • Personal

  • No waiting

  • Convenient

  • Private

  • No sickness exposure

  • No risk

  • 24/7

  • Thorough

  • Longevity
  • Zero Transport

  • Respect and Dignity

  • Innovative

  • Coordination of Care

  • Walking Pharmacy

  • Custom Treatment

  • Cash Pay

  • Insurance

  • Compassion

  • Obamacare has all but derailed about every aspect of health care. It wasn't until AFTER this health care law was passed that we finally got to go inside and look around a bit - now that we bought the car, we could actually get in and take it for a test drive. And that is exactly what is happening to our health care system - everything is having to go for a test drive.

    Find A Visiting Home:


    Private Physical Therapist

    Myofascial Release Therapist

    Personal Trainer

    Home Health Agency

    Home Health Equipment or DME Providers

    Total Joint Replacement Surgery Centers

    Home Care Dentist

    Although expensive to implement, all these test drives include YOUR personal, private and medical information. So, it's not just the car that is going out for a spin under someone else's power, your wallet and medical records are lying right there on the passenger seat too! That should make anyone wonder where there personal and medical information is going... who knows?

    We've all heard the rumors about end of life counseling... disturbing at least. Someone needs to tell me that it's my time and how to go? Another eyebrow should raise - really high - that is not protecting, respecting and serving our precious aging companions.

    So many reasons why private home health care is on the rise. You may wonder how that keeps your information private...well, it really doesn't if your home visit practitioners bill your insurance at your request. However, there is growing sector of cash pay private home care that is sweeping the nation and putting the medical professional and the patient back into the relationship that has been lost in the shuffle of HMO's, regulations, cost cutting and understaffed clinics.

    Whether you opt for insurance billing or chose to pay cash for your services, the advantages of private home health care almost make you wonder why you hadn't thought of this sooner than now!


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