Positioning for Transfers

moving towards freedom.

patients and caregivers can learn how to do a sit to stand transfer safely and effectively Positioning for transfers and mobility is the very essence of life - until we can't accomplish it anymore. Most everyone who experiences a debilitating sickness or trauma also experiences the sudden prison of immobility and dependence on those around him or her.

Successful positioning for transfers and mobility are necessary to be able to then carry out these useful and needful routines in life.

We were created to move freely. Disease and trauma can steal the joy of this freedom, trapping us in our body's and our homes and leaving us with the torment of memories of years gone by. When we stop moving, we start dying.

From bed mobility and transfers, walking ability, wheelchair mobility and transfers to shower transfers and car transfers, these activities can not be successfully and safely attempted without the solid and safe foundation from which they are performed.

Although each position for transfers and mobility will be discussed on this site, you can have a home health care physical therapist evaluate your needs and help you accomplish this. I have tried to include the basic tips and education that will accomplish some degree of success in what you are attempting to do.

Please use your good judgment. Some patients are unable to accomplish the given transfer due to their particular disability. Please also remember that some caregivers may not be strong enough and/or simply lack the ability to accomplish any given transfer.

Knowledge is power but not necessarily success. I'm hoping that your life will climb to a higher level of ease and ability with the information that you find here about positioning for transfers and mobility.

Bath and Shower Transfers

Bath and Shower transfers in Home Health Physical Therapy Using a Side Bar For Safety
Water over the entire body is beneficial in so many ways. If you are having trouble getting in and out of your shower or bathtub, you are not alone - discover more options. Read more...

Bed Transfers
Bed Mobility transfer techniques in Home Health Physical Therapy We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. To do this means getting in and out of bed. Disease and trauma can make this tricky to impossible. Open the door to the possibilities of independence. Read more...

Car Transfers

Car Transfers from a wheelchair in Home Health Physical Therapy Getting in and out of your vehicle can add a lot to our lives not to mention the basic necessities of physician appointments, getting groceries or going to church. Read more...

Low Pivot Transfers

home health care physical therapy pivot transfers for safety of patients and caregivers Low pivot transfers can save your back and make the job so much easier! Imagine fighting gravity only half way! Read more...

Manual Wheelchair Transfers

Manual Wheelchair to car Transfers in Home Health Physical Therapy Wheelchairs have become the new legs of thousands; providing a level freedom otherwise snuffed out by disease or trauma. Wheelchair transfers can be anything but easy. We're hoping we can simplify things here. Read more...

Sit to Stand Transfers

home health care physical therapy sit to stand transfer technique and tips for patients and caregivers
If you can't get up, you can't go out! Learn the basic tips and tricks to standing up from a chair, bed or toilet! Read more...

Toilet Transfers

How to transfer to and from the toilet in home health physical therapy Getting to the bathroom is a luxury when your ability has been compromised. With more than one way to get on and off the commode, you just might find some tips here. Read more...

Power Wheelchair Transfers

home health care physical therapy power wheelchair transfers for safety Power chairs can be a bit trickier when it comes to complete mobility for those who need it. You'll find some suggestions here. We add more as we are able. Read more...

Keep up to date as we add more information about positioning for transfers and mobility through our blog.

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