Will Your Physical Therapy Home Exercise Programs Keep You Out of A Nursing Home?

Physical Therapy Home Exercise Programs

your key to staying out of a nursing home.

Physical Therapy Home Exercise Programs! Your key to success, mobility and improved function is right around the corner. If you are wondering what you can do to improve your situation at home, a home exercise routine will not only improve your strength but also your ability to become more independent. Strength training not only makes you stronger, it can help decrease pain, improve mobility, decrease your risk of falling and improve your posture. If your goal is to become more independent, you have come to the right place!

Why typical physical therapy home exercise programs may not be enough to keep you out of a nursing home and 
what you need to do about it Physical Therapy Home Exercise Programs are a dime a dozen these days. Sadly enough many physical therapists don't put the time, effort or thought into designing a top notch individualized program specifically for your needs. If you're fortunate to have a home health physical therapist who works with you for 40-45 minutes per visit, you have found someone who has high standards for work ethic and cares about you and your future! Don't forget to thank them!

Your home exercise program may not feel like much, or it may feel like the weight of the world! You may feel like tomorrow will never come you may be bored to tears with your 'easy' home exercise program. Why the difference? Why are home exercise programs so difficult for some patients and so easy for others?

Several reasons may exist:

  • Some Physical therapists give all patients the same home exercise program regardless of the specific deficits.

  • Some surgery's require home health PT's to follow a specific protocol and you may be ahead or behind the protocol limits for that time frame of your rehab process.

  • Some physical therapists do not re-assess your ability with each visit and upgrade the home exercise program accordingly.

There are other reasons, I'm sure, but instead of replacing your home exercise program our goal is to educate you on how to perform them, teach you what they are for and how you can use them to strengthen yourself. Proceed with caution as all exercises may not be for all people. If you have questions, ask your physical therapist. If you are just starting out, discuss your plans to start your physical therapy home exercise program with your doctor. You can ask me too.

No matter the reason, take your physical therapy home exercise program in the small bites that your physical therapist gave you. Maybe 2-3x a day up to 4-5x a day depending on a number of variables. Your program may feel like a hefty workout - do what you can knowing that some is better than nothing! And remember to never sacrifice quality for quantity. That means, if you can do 5 straight leg raises in perfect form but the 6th one falls apart, STOP! Don't do the last 5 or 10 of poor quality just to finish your repetitions!

Remember that a physical therapy home exercise program does not guarantee success but it should strengthen you. Remember also that you've likely been inactive for some time, maybe weeks, months or years and just like overeating slowly puts on added pounds, inactivity slowly atrophy's the muscles.

It may take persistent and consistent work on your individual program to see the gains that you want. Muscles are very responsive to activity, however and even small efforts can produce noticeable gains.


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