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How to decide which home health physical therapy equipment you may need for optimal rehab and safety Finding physical therapy equipment can be over rated, over priced and misunderstood. Most, however do indeed provide a valid solution to a specific problem. But after winding through the maze of options, the better question may be, "What is the problem?"

You need to understand your specific need before you can make a wise choice in purchasing the solution. The nature of durable medical equipment (or medical supplies or medical equipment) does not make it easy for you to simply return an item if it does not solve your problem.

Your two most important questions are:

  • What am I trying to accomplish?

  • What are my limitations?

what am I trying to accomplish?

In the home care physical therapy world, the equipment you need is determined by the answer to this question.

Are you trying to walk safely or get from point A to point B? Take a shower? Balance? Get your socks on after a hip replacement? Get up from a low surface? Use a sliding board? Sleep better at night? Use a gait belt?

what are my limitations?

The answer to this question will help you sort through the various options out there. When you figure out what you are trying to accomplish you can then begin to look at your different options in order to fit your limitations.

For example:

  • You may need a walking assistive device. Knowing your limitations or ability will help you choose the right one.

  • You may want to get in your shower, but are you able to step over a tub wall?

  • Walking devices and your choice of shower chairs will be determined by your weight bearing status, balance and strength limits.

  • You may need a transfer board for transfers but this will be limited by your strength.

  • A hospital bed may sound wonderful but will be trouble if you have significant range of motion limitations.

There are many many more and we'll explore all of them in this section.

Simply scroll down and find the category that you are looking for, click and learn!

In the meanwhile, submit your comments below about home health physical therapy equipment below. We've all had to make do at some point - share your story below so we can get help and others can be helped!


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Hospital Beds Walk In Bathtubs
Stair Lifts
Lift Chairs Gait Belts
Wheelchair Ramps Grab Bars
Tramsfer Boards Wheelchairs
Walkers Canes
Crutches Hoyer Lifts
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Total Hip Replacement Aids Exercise Equipment

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