Physical Therapy Equipment on a Budget

helps and tips for the rest of us.

Physical therapy equipment on a budget? Is it possible? With insurance costs hitting all time highs and out of pocket expenses doing the same, we've got to come together, young and old alike and share our ideas.

From using plastic patio chairs for shower chairs to scooting a patient into a car using a towel on a plastic bag, there are hundreds of ways that people just like yourself have pinched penny's and made it work.

Of utmost concern when it comes to improvising is safety. All suggestions or ideas discussed in this forum may or may not have worked for the particular set of circumstances for that patient. Please use your better judgement and carefully weigh the pros and cons to implementing ideas on this forum for yourself or your loved one.

Share your thoughts, suggestions, successes and failures about physical therapy equipment.

Improvising is possible but it does have it's limits. Help and be helped as we roll out our brand new discussion forum below:

How have you improvised with physical therapy equipment in home health care?

One size never fits all! How have you been able to successfully improvise?

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