Physical Therapist Job Description? In Home Health Care, It Should Include Protecting, Respecting and Serving You With Knowledge and Competency - How Did We Do?

Physical Therapist Job Description Goal:

- Protect, Respect and Serve You Competently

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patients can thank their physical therapist and let others know how great they were on A physical therapist job description should be of high value and standard. Mine has always been to protect, respect and serve you with knowledge and competency.

The kindest, most compassionate home health physical therapist may never get you past a straight leg raise! We all need tender loving care BUT, as physical therapists, it is our job to figure out what’s wrong so we can design an individual, customized program specifically for your needs and goals. We must progress you along that plan as we see progress, modify the program if you become stuck or it is too painful etc. Hopefully you get the picture. You want to get better right?

Every day, now, till 2030, 10,000 baby boomers turn 65! We've got a lot of aging loved ones to serve and you can help us do it right!

Home care PT's assess your needs and home safety accurately, set and discuss realistic goals, then put an ever progressing plan into action to meet those goals. Thank us, if we've done that well or help us understand what we could have done better.

Remember that some diagnoses render some semi-permanent functioning levels. For example, spinal cord injuries, strokes and some joint replacements (among other diagnoses) may have some long term deficits that no one can do anything about. However, you can progress to the highest level if you set your mind to it and have an exceptional team!

Between our efforts and your compliance in following our instructions you should be pleasantly surprised and pleased with your progress - and that satisfies our physical therapist job description!

Tell your fellow boomers how we did! Let them know who included respect, service, protection, kind, compassion, integrity and competency while they worked with you! We'll be looking to hear from you through or invitation below or on Facebook!

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Marcia PT- Amedisys - Indiana 
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