Pain Relief and Fresh Air

to good to be true?

Fresh air can help relieve pain the natural way in home health care physical therapy patients Pain relief and fresh air - the ultimate marriage between the inevitable of the aging and the open invitation to take in this free resource and benefit from it's multitude of healing factors.

Whether caregiving or a patient, life is harsh, demanding and at times relentless. The demands upon caregivers often leave aches and pains that only get worse over the years. The 8 natural resources are free... and they will change your life if you let them. Give yourself permission to rest, to heal and connect. Taking care of your emotional and spiritual self by connecting with others will solve some pain issues. Taking care of your physical self, whether going to the doctor, physical therapy, working out or taking a walk will help to resolve some of the other aches and pains.

The best part of connecting is that you can do it with a friend on a walk outside in the fresh air. Carve out time for this on a daily basis and you will come to appreciate your own pain relief and fresh air connection!

Did you know?

Fresh air and sunshine heals wounds more rapidly. This is a well known fact. A constant supply of these two natural remedies is vital for the healing of all wounds.

It has been reported that deep breathing (of ideally fresh air) can stop or at least lessen arthritic pain better than medication.

A newspaper clipping from an unknown newspaper in July of 1958 said this:

"It's not the pain killing properties of aspirin which make it so beneficial for arthritic patients.

"Fresh air will prove far more beneficial to sick persons than medicine, and is far more essential to them than their food. Thousands have died for want of pure water and pure air, who might have lived."
Take from Counsels on Health, p. 55. Quoted in:
America's Master Book of Home Remedies - Natural Remedies Encyclopedia - Prescriptions From Nature's Storehouse, by Vance Ferrel, Harold M Cherne, MD; p.31 (2004)

Instead it's the huffing and puffing produced by large doses of aspirin which really control the aches, pain and stiffness.

This was suggested here yesterday by Drs. Frederick Kahn, Daniel Simmons and Howard Weinberger of UCLA and Los Angeles VA hospitals.

Physicians have long known, they said, that normal doses of aspirin won't help arthritic patients. It takes dosages of about 15 tablets a day to control arthritic pains.

But at these doses, they said, aspirin produces what is called "hyper-ventilation" - the patient constantly breathes deeply and rapidly, often while he's at rest. In turn, this hyper-ventilation lowers the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood.

To check their suspicions, Los Angeles doctors put victims of arthritis in an iron lung and made them over breathe without any aspirin.

The relief of pain and other symptoms, they found, were just as effective as that achieved with aspirin."

Pain relief and fresh air - try it!

Breathing fresh air can lower pain in elderly home health care patients

Deep breathing reduces pain and relaxes the entire body. Do it naturally, NOT with aspirin.

Information on this page taken from this trusted resource.


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