P90X for home health care patients! Home health physical therapy doesn't have to kill you to work!


put some kick in your home exercise routine!

P90X. If you're in to fitness, you've heard of this... you likely love it or hate it or are hoping that one day you will love it. As with any fitness craze - P90X swept the nation recently promising a total body change in only 90 days if you just "Bring It" and follow the strick diet plan and workout routine outlined for you. The DVD's are amazing and Tony Horton - one of the most encouraging yet firm trainers I've seen.

put some kick into your home health physical therapy program Personally, I love this workout program, but I love it because I've chewed it up in small bites... not the way it was intended. I don't have the time that P90X calls for every day but I do have time to make good choices and workout to a couple DVD's a week. It's not much but it's more than I would have done otherwise.

My point? Your home exercise program may not feel like much, it may feel like the weight of the world! You may feel like tomorrow will never come you may be bored to tears with your 'easy' home exercise program. Why the difference? Why are home exercise programs so difficult for some patients and so easy for others?

Several reasons come to mind:
  • Some Physical therapists give all patients the same home exercise program.
  • Some surgery's require home health PT's to follow a specific protocol.
  • Some physical therapists do not re-assess the ability's of the patients with each visit and upgrade the home exercise program accordingly.

There are more reasons, I'm sure, but this site is not designed to replace your home exercise program but rather educate you on how to perform them, what they are for and how you can use them to strengthen yourself. Proceed with caution as all exercises may not be for all people. Discuss your plans to start your own low key home exercise program with your doctor. You can ask me too.

No matter the reason, take your home exercise program in the small bites that your physical therapist gave you. Maybe 2-3x a day up to 4-5x a day depending on a number of variables. Your program may feel like a hefty workout - do what you can knowing that some is better than nothing!


p90x for strong legs.

When to start straight leg raises.

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