Our Mission...

protecting, respecting and serving our precious, aging companions

    Our Mission

    Remember when the doctor came to your home to check up on you or your sick children? You didn't have to brave the snowstorm, summer heat or driving rain to get the care you needed? Remember the time he or she spent with you comforting, explaining and caring? Do you ever wonder where those days went? I do too...

    Remember when a physical therapist would make a home visit with you and make sure that you were on track with your goals to get back to golf, throw your young grandchildren in the air or take a romantic, hand-in-hand walk with your spouse around the country block? Remember how warm and cared for you felt because your future actually mattered? Recall the joy and excitement of returning to your beloved hobbies and hitting a hole in one, playing with your grandchildren and getting completely around the country block with your spouse again! Do you yearn for those years to come back? I do too...

    I'm only one, and so are you. There are a lot of you needing care and only a few of us able to deliver it. Without the work ethic in my heart that so many of you taught my parents, the blissful past of being not only cared FOR but cared ABOUT would be forever extinguished. There are a few of us left, though; a few home visit practitioners still passionate about the art of caring... and although it's highly unlikely that I can come to your home, I invite you to embrace my passion of what once was - a home health care industry who did more then talk about quality and compassion but delivered it...

    Remember when? Times have changed. I hope to deliver the care and help that some busy home health practitioner forgot to tell you. Remember your dreams of gardening again? Golfing again? Driving the tractor again? Feeding the chickens again or simply driving your car to the grocery store again? Remember when? Do it again!

    Home Physical Therapy is the first of its kind to offer you 30+ years of combined experience in personal training and home health physical therapy for do-it-yourself physical therapy fitness at home. Come searching, leave empowered to reach your goals!

  • We offer the finest quality of experienced home health care physical therapy assistance online - while protecting, respecting and serving our precious, aging, elderly companions.
  • We give you free information so you can age in and enjoy the privacy of your home while offering you quality home health care physical therapy resources if you should need additional help.
  • Whether you do it yourself or need help, we inspire your independence through knowledge, trusted resources and active discussion forums.

We protect, respect and serve you...because no matter what age, you are still valuable and priceless.

That means, no hassles, no bills, no personal information leaks, no strangers in your home, no co-pays, no theft and no fraud. Simply keeping you, your property and your family safe while helping you return to the life you want!

Marcia Oliver MSPT author and owner www.home-health-care-physical-therapy.com


Discover your independence in your home, on your own time without strangers. '...and if you choose to sit it out or dance, I hope you choose to dance' because rehab is about dancing again!


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