Money saving ideas for your bathroom - the bottom line.

Money saving ideas for your bathroom MUST start with the big picture, your situation and your budget. To run out and buy the first thing you see or are pressured into purchasing will cost you dearly down the line. Although you don't have to answer "The Big Three+" questions... this upcoming ebook is extremely helpful in assisting you to figure out what you need to focus on for safety and how to make it safe with the best medical equipment or physical therapy equipment. This may be your own 'home grown' savings or a simple purchase from the medical supply store.

Having answered the "The Big Three+", you will now be saving money instead of wasting money on ideas that don't work, aren't for you or don't fit your needs.

Keep also in mind that although these tips seem to take care of the here and now hazards, they can save you a bundle down the line.


Let's say that grandma trips over a throw rug and breaks her hip. Now she has hip surgery. We already know that about one in five hip fracture patients will die within the first year of their injury.

This a relatively fast decline with no doubt many dollars spent to fix the decline (albeit AFTER the fall has already happened).

After the fact, money saving ideas for your bathroom will likely be spent at first on handy hip fracture helps, a transfer tub bench (not covered under Medicare) and various comfort items.

Later, money will be poured into possibly a lift chair, a manual wheelchair and later an electric wheelchair and maybe handy power chair accessories for your van or car. Before you know, one simple fix now could have saved you a lot of money.

Consider the loss of sleep, the time off work that you may have to take now, the stress and perhaps money needed to pay for a sitter now that grandma is incapacitated and can not stay home alone.

Take this same circumstance and remove the throw rug and follow good judgment and safety tips; a $20 low shag bath mat and a $7 pair of no slip slippers could save $100's if not thousands and give Grandma the quality and quantity of life that everyone deserves and wants. It's not very difficult to find more money saving ideas for your bathroom.

Money saving ideas for your bathroom focus on short term BUDGET fixes in order to spare your from the long TERM expenses after answering the "The Big Three+" questions.

How ever you decide to practice your money saving ideas for your bathroom, please keep safety first and foremost in your thoughts.

Our economy is wringing every last penny out of our wallets. Here are a few safety tips for your bathroom to observe until you are able to get things fixed the right and safe way. In reality, it takes some time to get these toughies taken care of, so until you can, take note of these tips to keep everyone safe:

fix it tips for your shopping cart
  • Install regular grab bars in place of towel racks - now they can serve dual purpose - a towel rack AND a grab bar.
  • Use a plastic patio chair in place of an expensive shower seat. These have slotted bottoms, arms and a back rest. Be sure your patient does not outweigh the chair. Use two no slip bath mats under the chair to ensure that all four legs are on it.
  • Use suction cup grab bar on your marble or non-porous sink top for more pull leverage. Be sure it is locked and test it before using!

  • Take your dangerous glass showers doors off and replace with a wide variety of shower curtains.

  • Put a piece of duct tape along the carpet/tile transition at the entry way of your bathroom. This makes a walker with 5 inch wheels transition smoother and lessens the likelihood of those back walker legs catching on the carpet on the way out.

  • Replace throw rugs with non slip, low shag bath rugs.

  • Cusion sharp edges or corners with foam (home made or store bought) for somewhat padded falls.

  • Get a raised toilet seat or bedside commode to raise the toilet for easier entry and exit.

  • Replace the washcloth holder in the shower for the horizontal placement of a suction cup grab bar

If you have fixed a home safety issue in your home while saving money and lives - share it below!


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