Medical Symptom Diagnosis - Now what? Turn your sickness into a healthier, stronger you while rehabilitating at home!

Medical Symptom Diagnosis

your next steps to rehab at home.

A medical symptom diagnosis can turn your world upside down. whether you just got a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, have been fighting weakness from swine flu for some time, wonder if you have silent heart attack symptoms, or simply want to avoid a diagnosis, most human beings of all ages want to rehab at home. Home is a place of comfort, of safety, of familiarity. Hospitals and rehab facilities, while necessary at times, can be cold, scary and depressing.

In my 15+ years of home health physical therapy, I must have seen about every medical diagnosis in the book. (Although there are about twice as many diagnostic codes now then there were back then!). Chances are I've seen someone with your diagnosis and have designed a specific home exercise program for them. There is nothing more rewarding for me and for you than to see health, life, vigor and happiness come back into the heart and soul of an unfortunate medical symptom diagnosis.

Don't let us be your diagnosis guru's - we aren't doctors, but we have compiled some useful information for the following diagnoses to help you on your rehab at home journey.

Rehab at home is challenging but possible and can turn out to be the experience that ads years to your life. Is your cup half empty or half full? Make it half full and if you have have a choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance!


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