Medical Home Health or Non-medical Home Health -- Key factors to consider

Medical Home Health vs. Non-medical Home Health

key factors in choosing your home care agency.

Medical Home Health Care vs. Non-medical Home Health Care...if you are reading this, you are likely among the thousands of caregivers needing help caring for a loved one at home.

What is the difference?

One significant difference is who pays the bill... you or insurance?

With a doctors order and insurance that is accepted by the home health agency and covers home care, these services are generally covered, allbeit to some extent or another.

Medical home care provides skilled medical services such as:

These medical personnel can only come to your home by an order from the doctor (if insurance is the primary payor source.) This used to be initiated by a trip to the doctor, a call to the doctor and sometimes a call to a home health agency explaining your difficulty. As of April of 2011, you will need to see your doctor 90 days prior to or within 30 days after home health care is started. This new "rule" limits home care to those who truly need it as prescribed by their physician. However it cuts back on the fraud that happens when there is no true home health need as determined by the doctor.

The sad thing is that a few greedy companies have made it hard on everyone. Since home health is a booming (and fraudulant) business, home health agencies don't mind if you really don't need home care... it's money in their bank...and this is why the new rule went into effect.

Several questions need to be answered at this point to help you decide if you need medical or non-medical home health care.

  • Is the patient recently home from the hospital?
  • Is the patient falling at home?
  • Are you confused about what medications to give the patient?
  • Is there a significant change in functional ability or decline in activity level recently?
  • Is the patient frequently going to the ER?

Yes to 2 or more of the above questions may indicate a potential need for medical home health care. Discussing your felt need with your doctor will help you understand the issues and the answers.

Before allowing home health care to come into your home, you should know how a physical therapists pay will likely affect your care.

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Non-medical home care

If you and your doctor have ruled out the need for medical home care but you still feel you need some help, consider non-medical home care.

Non-medical care means just that. Non medical. These services are often referred to as companion services. Your best bet is to Google "home health assistance" or the like. Or you can ask us to try to help you find help.

You can always call a business and ask if they provide non-medical home care assistance. Beware though, most medical home care company's WILL provide solely a home health aid but at a ridiculous price. You may want to hire your own personal one instead or ask us to help you find help.

You will find better rates by hiring a company who provides only non-medical home care assistance. This is what they do best and they generally do it well.

Don't forget to give your home health agency a grade!

And thank your Physical Therapist for a job well done!


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