Medical Alert Systems - Don't be home without them!

Medical Alert Systems

when minutes count, who are you counting on?

Medical alert systems are only as good as the monitoring center behind it. When you have an emergency - when seconds count, you life may be depending entirely on your medical alert device.

The benefits of a top quality medical alert system far outweigh any concerns. In all my hands on years, I've never seen one regret in patients who invested in an alert system.

You want top quality! Your first question should be, "Where is the person who talks to me located? You never know when a call is outsourced 100's of miles away or overseas!

I'll briefly touch on the benefits and features that should concern you below.

  • Open air range.

    You want to be sure that your call pendant (necklace or wrist band) will cover the amount of space that you will be in most of the time. How big is your home? At the furthest point, how far from your monitor box will you be?

  • Standby Power.

    Does your medical alert system come with a standby battery pack in case of power failure? If so, how long will it still provide protection?

  • System Repair and Replacement.

    Will your company replace any defective or malfunctioning parts? Is there a cost for parts? Labor? Repair? Or shipping?

  • Speaker Phone?

    Does your system include the ability to take a phone call through speaker phone just by pressing your call button? This is not critical but helpful if you can't get around quickly.

  • Contract Agreement.

    Be sure you can cancel your contract no more than 30 days out. Signing long contracts can turn expensive if you find something you like better down the line.

  • Central Station Alarm Association certified?

    Be sure that the care specialist who answers your call meets or exceeds the standards for monitoring center personnel.

  • Referral Appreciation Program.

    Does your company "thank you" for introducing their product to one of your friends? Another nice feature but not critical.

  • Who picks up your call?

    Maybe we should say what picks up your call? A machine? An automated attendant who has to call you back? Medical alert systems can mean life and death - this is why you need a liver person to answer your call!

  • Simple Setup?

    You should be able to set up your medical alert system quickly. Simplicity on your end will keep you a customer. Be sure to ask how complicated it is to set up. Sometimes you have to wait for a sales rep to come to your home and set it up for you! You should be able to set up your own.

  • What's your style?

    How do you want to wear your call button pendant? The two most popular styles are a wristwatch and necklace. You may, however, like the belt clip option. Your company should offer all three options free of charge. You may find that you like a different way of wearing it or it may be more convenient or less noticeable to wear it one way or another based on the occasion.

  • 24/7 Customer and Tech Support.

    A no brainer - technical, supervisory and operational support should be there round the clock whenever you need it.

  • Can you hear me now?

    Not a question to battle when seconds count! Your medical alert system should be highly sensitive and have voice to voice capability so you can talk from almost anywhere in your home.

  • Left Behind?

    Your company should test your system at least once a week. You never know when the cat jiggled a connection lose. You should have the peace of mind knowing that your system is connected and ready to work when you need it.

  • Waterproof.

    Your help button should allow you to do all of your normal chores even around water.

  • Free Shipping.

    Your equipment should include free UPS Ground shipping and optional faster options should you require that. You should never have to pay for shipping with a reputable company.

  • Free Return Shipping?

    Yep! You should not have to pay to return your equipment once you no longer need it.

  • Who am I speaking with?

    Care specialists should go through at least 6 weeks of intensive classroom training. From there they should be certified by a veteran specialist and then evaluated on a regular basis...this could be your life you know!

  • Your cost?

    Monitoring cost should be your only fee and should not change for the duration of your time with the company. You may opt to incur additional services which may come with additional charges but those will clearly be extra's.

  • No outsourcing.

    Your company should NOT be outsourcing your emergency calls! Unless your company has their own monitoring center and can perform critical evaluations of your call on the spot, precious seconds could be lost.

  • How do I pay?

    Your company should allow you to pay through any major credit card or through electronic funds transfer. Most do. This is not so critical to life and death but some of the points listed are.

You now clearly see the importance of shopping around and asking the right questions when it comes to medical alert systems. They will do their job if you have done your homework.

We have done our homework (do yours - we'll be here when you come back) and only advertise the number one company who meets or exceeds all the criteria mentioned above...LifeStation.


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