Manual Wheelchair Transfers to Your Car

inspiring independence and safety for all.

teaching patients and caregivers how to transfer from a manual wheelchair to and from a car

Manual wheelchair transfers. Can't live without them for sure. Sadly many have written off going any where outside the home WITH that awkward chair. Why? The wheelchair to car transfer is difficult and this transfer alone is awkward and clunky making it hard to get in the car too!

Manual Wheelchair to Car Tips

Tip #1

Keep the sitting surfaces equal.

Tip #2

Remember friction in physics? - lessen the friction involved.

Tip #3

Slide the car seat all the way back AND...

Tip #4

Instead of wedging yourself in the crux of the door and the car...

Tip #5

The steering wheel is a sturdy "grab bar" - use it wisely.

Tip #6

Pull instead of push.

Want to know more? You can be one of the firs to get your hands on this brand new resource!

Our new 74 page e-book, Wheelchair Freedom! Get Help. Get Up. Get Out. teaches you how to safely, easily and effectively master those wheelchair exercises needed to gain functional strength for legs, chest and back to help you get back on your feet again. Added bonus's include wheelchair safety, wheelchair accessories and how to master the difficult wheelchair to car transfer.

best wheelchair exercise ebook for strengthening, stretching and manual wheelchair transfers to and from the car

Care giving is all about safety, freedom, and success for you and your patient or loved one. We hope you find each of these nestled somewhere within the tips and enjoy greater freedom and ease in transferring to and from the car by getting your copy of Wheelchair Freedom! now! Don't let that clunky, awkward transfer keep you at home!

We trust that you will use your good judgment when it comes to manual wheelchair transfers. Perhaps that is exactly why car transfers aren't for you. You've tried and failed. Each situation is different. Each manual wheelchair transfer is different between each patient but the basics remain the same.

Although it may not seem like it, manual wheelchairs can be a dime a dozen and very simple to use. Goodwill and senior citizen centers usually have them at low to no cost depending on where you go. Remember too that manual wheelchairs are often found at the doctors office, power scooters at the grocery store etc. So, don't sweat the small stuff if you don't need to.

Get it now and get out - enjoy life!


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