Low Back Pain Remedy - Practical help for back muscle pain associated with home health physical therapy and caregivers

Low Back Pain Remedy

back in action.

Caregivers and patients often suffer from acute and chronic back pain - low back pain remedy's can help. Low back pain remedy - there is no one remedy that works for all people. However, a combination of taking care of several aspects of yourself have given many people great relief from their pain. Body, mind and soul are often left out in the cold in exchange for rat-race driven pursuit of a hollow, peace-less, unhappy American Dream.

For home care patients and their caregivers, life can turn into a miserable existence when low back strains occur, go untreated and turn into chronic disabilities. If we are to find relief, we must tend to body mind and soul - they are all seeking relief.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11:28-29

In our western world, the demands of life leave us full of anxiety, extra weight and injured body's with no time in the rat race to take care of ourselves.

Caregivers take time to strengthening and stretch to avoid low back pain MYTH #1 - We have no time for ourselves

Low back pain remedy #1 - We all get to decide what we do with our lives on a moment to moment, daily, weekly, yearly basis. Unfortunately emotions, family dysfunction, expectations, guilt and deep pain take us captive turning us into robots of giving, giving and more giving. Giving is good, even biblical, but we can only give what we have, nothing more, nothing less. Take care of you AND your back before you take care of someone else.

Caregivers are givers - often out of emotional pain, guilt and need to be needed - but not always. I commend Godly caregivers (because abusive caregivers do exist!) for all they do yet encourage them in all they do to fill themselves first before giving to others. Without drinking from still waters as the Good shepherd in Psalms 23 leads us to do, giving becomes empty, resentful, ultimately breaking down our health.

My schedule does not allow me to exercise or sleep much - my patient or loved one won't let me sleep and is constantly calling for me to do this or that.

Caregivers learn to manage time and take care of themselves to avoid low back pain MYTH #2 - Your schedule controls you

Low back pain remedy #2 - We allow things, schedules, people and events to control us when in fact, we all get to decide what we do with our time. Again, out of an array of dysfunction and broken-ness, we carry on the same cycle that was given to us by the same people that we may now care for - our elderly parents. It's never too late to begin your emotional healing journey, and your spiritual journey. Begin to fill yourself up with love, God and His resource and experience profound change in your physical, emotional and spiritual world!

Many weak, injured or otherwise vulnerable caregivers are helping weak, injured and often overweight patients.

Ignoring your caregiver health can allow low back pain to become debilitating MYTH #3 - there is no myth here... the weak are caring for the weak. And as long as caregivers pay no attention to MYTH #1 and #2, the cycle will continue. Your health will decline, your sleep will be limited and your low back pain remedy will be only a dream.

Low back pain remedy #3 - Learn and DO leg and back muscle strengthening exercises. Both are critically important. One with out the other is like building a house with one rotted beam and one solid beam. Your health will improve and your risk of injury will decrease

As we age, we squat less and less because our legs are getting weaker so we continue to squat less and less and the cycle goes on and on and on. However, we still need to put on our socks, tie our shoes, pick our grandkids, get the grocery bag out of the trunk etc. We do all this with our weak backs with out even calling in our weak legs to take even half the load and the entire house crumbles

Speaking more practically - caregivers are often in very dis-advantageous positions while lifting, transferring and caring for patients. This is why it is critical for caregivers, especially to engage in simple strengthening exercises for protection. Leg exercises are important, however push ups are one of the best exercises you can do for upper body strength.

Knowledge is power... knowing how to use your legs and your back in a wise and safe manner will prevent many disabling back injuries. Caregivers would be wise to learn good lifting and transfer techniques including tips and tricks to accomplish the goal safely.

Caregivers use chronic poor lifting techniques throughout the day which can lead to debilitating low back pain MYTH #4 - Good lifting techniques are impossible in my situation.

Low back remedy #4 - Good lifting principles can always be practiced to some extent with all lifting and transfers - always. At a bare minimum, tightening your abdominal muscles to protect your back is not only essential for a successful move but will improve the ease of the move - thumbs up to easier right?!

Many are aware of "proper lifting techniques." However, it's one thing to know the proper way to go about using your back. It's quite another to know how to strengthen your legs, abdominals and back so that good lifting techniques actually protect your back and maintain strength.

Lifting properly requires not only good body mechanics but engaging correct muscles. This means that not only do you need to lock your low back in (bowed in,) to protect your spine you also must tighten your abdominals to protect the front of your spine while also engaging your legs and gluteus maximus muscles ready to share the load.

Low back pain is a real problem for many people. Finding play time is critical for this one life you have to live. To find a low back pain remedy, one may need to change several aspects of their lives as low back pain can come from multiple causes. Our natural home remedies encyclopedia comes full of a hydrotherapy section, woman's section and of course numerous more answers to your low back pain remedy questions.

Proper lifting technique is a critical start to your low back pain remedy

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