Change Your Heart! - Start Your Revolutionary Journey For Life Change and Take Your Caregiving To A Whole New Level!

Change Your Heart!

A revolutionary experience for life change and exceptional caregiving!

The Human Heart; The Human Brain

The human heart is known as the organ that pumps blood throughout the body, supplying life-giving oxygen to the cells. New science reveals that it is the first responder to internal or external stimuli. Its regular rhythm and beat strength react to circumstances in the environment and alert the brain to use its previous experiences and reasoning ability to make an appropriate response.

Its greater purpose is to exude love and stimulate the brain to make decisions out of love, the love for others based on love of self, cooperating with the Golden Rule, which exhorts us to love others as we love ourselves.

The human brain, known for memory retrieval and thinking ability, governs the thoughts and decisions of most people. The brain's driving force is for survival, physically, mentally and emotionally. Those who live from the brain with little or no input from the heart, make their decisions based on self-survival, offense or defense, or personal gain.

Change Your Heart! is a revolutionary 5-day experience for life change. Designed for individuals or couples, it acquaints and gives participants the experience of living from the heart rather than just the survival brain

  • Learn how to care and live from your heart
  • Understand new science about heart-brain connection
  • Uncover the causes and results of disconnection
  • Discover your own heart-brain connection
  • Practice techniques for heart connection rather than superficial communication
  • Begin to see that your relationship(s) can be meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Take home a care packet for ongoing care of your connecting heart
How Do Emotions Affect My Heart?
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