In Home Physical Therapy? Why You Should Consider a Private Pay Home Physical Therapist If You Want To Reach Your Activity Goals.

In Home Physical Therapy

why private therapy is better.

In home physical therapy has regressed over the years for three reasons. First, we have an influx of home health patients with a demand/supply ratio falling far short. Second, technology has out done itself and health care; our obsession with gadgets and computers and uploading and downloading has done little to improve the quality of care for in home physical therapy. And third, most home health agency's pay therapist per visit, therefore, the more visits a therapist can make in a day, the more s/he gets paid. The end result? The patient looses.

Some patients need physical therapy, but many get by without it. In an economy where strangers in your home can become a sometimes necessary and downright scary evil, many patients are seeking private clinicians to come visit them - and are willing to pay for the security and privacy that comes along with it.

If you are looking for in home physical therapy, you may want to consider a private pay therapist - along with exceptional care, you'll find lengthy visits, compassion and quick responses to your phone calls and questions. You'll find someone truly interested in you, where you are and where you would like to be.

Private in home physical therapy isn't complicated but I've answered some questions that you may have:

  • Question: What does private or cash pay mean?
  • Answer: Private/cash pay means just that. No more run of the mill, on the clock therapists who stick around for 10-15 minutes giving you canned programs that don't progress you towards your goals. Private means that your therapist is not working with a company, they generally are self employed in order to provide outstanding care. Your therapist comes in and sees you, you pay them (and may need to submit your own claim to Medicare later). Often times therapists offer package deals allowing you to purchase multiple visits at a reduced rate.

  • Question: Will you bill my insurance?
  • Answer: Some private PT's will and some won't. The headache and the additional time we spend doing this takes us away from what we do very well - provide exceptional, quality care to you. You will need to ask your private pay therapist who will need to bill insurance; you or them.

  • Question: Can I submit a claim to my insurance?
  • Answer: Yes you may. You will need to make sure that your private in home physical therapy professional gives you a receipt for your payment to them. This receipt must contain the following for insurance to review and process it for reimbursement:

    • CPT Codes
    • ICD9 Diagnosis Codes
    • Date of service
    • Tax ID/EIN number
    • National Provider ID number
    • Therapist credentials
    • Therapist License number
    • Therapist Signature

    There are services that Medicare does not cover, in which case your private PT should give you an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) to sign, informing you that the services you are about to receive are not covered by Medicare.

  • Question: Why should I hire a private PT?
  • Answer: As we talked about already, private PT's see the ethical value of treating one on one; delivering the highest quality of customized care. Private in home physical therapy providers are truly the cream of the crop. They are invested in their business and it's success and therefore, they are invested in YOU, your progress and ultimate customer satisfaction. Although self employment does carry its own stressors, private pay practitioners are not under the stressors of Corporate America.

  • Question: Do I need a doctor's order?
  • Answer: In most states, most insurance's will not reimburse without a doctors order. You will need to ask for your state. If you ask your doctor for physical therapy, insist that he give you a script. Many doctors are vested in their own physical therapy clinics or want to send you where they want to send you but it is your choice. Walk out with a prescription in hand that says, Eval and Treat, has your diagnosis, your doctor's signature and the date on it. Your physical therapy must start within 30 days of that date in most states.

  • Question: Are my visits limited if I'm paying cash?
  • Answer: Yes and no. If your in home physical therapy is not covered by Medicare i.e. a maintenance program or wellness program, you can pay for as many visits as you want. If however, your doctor orders a specific frequency and duration, your physical therapist may need to contact your doctor to request the permission for additional visits.

  • Question: What am I really paying for?
  • Answer: Compassion, timely progressive home exercise programs that match your needs, hands on treatment, exceptional quality and skill, time. If your state does not allow you to pay your in home physical therapist cash, ask for a doctors order that states, "Maintenance Program." This way, your therapist can still see you for maintenance therapy that is not covered by Medicare.

      Finding a private in home physical therapist has put many aging minds at ease. Progressive home programs that are customized to your progress as well as the kindness and compassion that these therapists tend to have are making this sector of home health care a growing trend. Best of all, you're dreams to return to an active lifestyle can be realized in the safety of the highest quality, ethical therapists. No bills, no fraud, no worries... Find your private in home physical therapist today!


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