In Home Personal Trainers: Your Key To Becoming a Fit Baby Boomer and Improving Function and Ability At Home

In Home Personal Trainers

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In home personal trainers are your key to improving or maintaining the fitness you have or want. You save time, gas and money since your personal trainer comes right to your door, is not distracted by others and is able to focus on you and your goals in the comfort of your own home. The best perk - an attentive personal trainer; one who notices the washer in your basement or your bedroom upstairs or certain issues that pertain to YOU and YOUR home - and they help you strengthen to overcome those obstacles and age in place - at home!

Baby Boomers everywhere are scrambling to find in home personal trainers to keep them on track for a full and productive life ahead. From strength training, flexibility and balance to functional ability such as climbing your steps - investing in home fitness training will pay you dividends down the road.

You may be recovering from a total knee replacement, stroke, heart attack or hip surgery. You are wise to have an in home personal trainer lined up to take you to your next level of fitness after you home health physical therapist graduates you.

Invite the personal trainer of your choice to meet with you in your home when your ***cash physical therapist*** is there so your trainer understands your needs, limits and goals. Remember, Medicare will only pay for so long. With a better understanding of where you are at physically and where you are wanting to progress to, a quality personal trainer will be able to deliver a custom program specifically designed for you.

You may want to hire a myofascial release therapist to help unravel the damaging effects of surgery and trauma on your fascial system. Allowing your fascial system to re-align and therefore, your body, will allow your personal training efforts to be much more fruitful in a shorter amount of time, not to mention the huge benefits of myofascial release.

A personal trainer job description calls for assessment, goal setting based on your deficits and your desires - the obvious stuff you would expect from a personal trainer but the obvious benefits may surpass what you once thought! You would guess that weight loss, muscle growth, improved strength, stamina and improved balance would be expected - and rightly so...but don't forget the rest...

Why You Need an
In Home Personal Trainer

  • Maintain muscle - it's not about too much muscle, it's about too little muscle! We lose 5-7 pounds of muscle tissue every decade of our adult lives.

  • Maintain your metabolism - excess fat is only part of the problem and losing fat is only part of the solution! Due to muscle loss, our metabolism can decrease about 5% every decade of adult life. Since the muscle that burned the calories is dwindling, the calories are stored as fat.

  • Add muscle tissue - you are never too old to replace and build muscle tissue!

  • Increase metabolism - a pound of muscle at rest burns 35 during a day. A pound of fat uses 2 calories a day.

  • Reduce body fat - strength training increases muscle mass and tissue activity - better than endurance activities.

  • Increase bone mineral density - weak muscles = weak bones. Strong muscles = strong bones.

  • Improve glucose metabolism - strength training may be your best bet for improved glucose metabolism and decreased risk of adult onset diabetes.

  • Improved digestion - speed up the amount of time that food moves through our GI tract while decreasing your risk of colon cancer!

  • Lower blood pressure - strength training can lower your blood pressure - talk to your doctor about lowering your blood pressure medications over time.

  • Better blood lipids - combine strength training, aerobic activity and less fat in your diet to improve good cholesterol, decrease bad cholesterol and decrease triglycerides.

  • Better low back health? - weak muscles can lead to low back pain - strength training can help to diminish or eliminating your low back pain. Myofascial therapists have had the greatest success in treating low back pain. Try one!

  • Decrease arthritic pain - the cycle of pain, immobility and weakness in arthritis can lead to quick debility - but many studies suggest that exercise is a good start to counteract this pain. A myofascial therapist can help tremendously with this as well.

Personal training fitness home workouts are the way to go to improve health, age in place - stay at home longer, avoid falls and broken hips and nursing homes and improve your overall health. Do all this in YOUR home and save time, money and gas - you need a program custom designed especially for you - find in home personal trainers now!


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