I need to ask for a RAISE !!!

by Mary Anne
(Jim Thorpe, PA)

Mary Anne's Question:

Dear Marcia,

Wow ! $90/visit! I need to ask for a raise! However, I am in a rural area of Pennsylvania. I do TONS of driving between patients.

I've have been stuck at $55/visit for at least 5 years or more and I have 32 years experience (now I'm depressed !) I often think about changing to per diem at a SNF but I truly love home care (have done it in Philadelphia, Pasadena California and now back "home" in northeastern PA.

As my PT and OT friends often discussed, if you factor in the paperwork time (WAY too much mind numbing paperwork!) and the scheduling (and rescheduling ) and the time spent on the phone with MD offices or ordering equipment for patients, I'm pretty sure that $55 /visit I'm making actually comes down to WAY less per hour that I work .... that's pretty depressing considering the LONG hours I put in at night and every blessed weekend doing documentation. (Not sure which is worse, home care or SNF documentation!).

I currently work for a private agency and am not sure if they'll consider increasing my home health physical therapy salary visit rate. Any ideas how I should go about asking?

Thanks for listening!
Mary Anne

Marcia's Answer:

Dear Mary Anne,

The bottom line is that the answer to a raise is always NO until you ask! :)

You may want to keep a log of your total time and present that to your supervisor when requesting a raise.

You may want to simply tell him you have done some per diem shopping and have learned that per visit rates are more competitive now (of course, do your shopping!)

I've discussed the various payment options in home health care and which ones create the greater advantage for us home care physical therapists. You might want to pick up a copy: Home Health Lemons.

In the mean time, $55/visit seems low - if you've got longevity and experience leverage with your current employer, you might want to use it! Especially since you are rural!

All the Best and Best in All!


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