Home Safety Topics by Room. Baby Boomers Discover How to Age in Place Longer By Walking Through Your Home and Making These Safety Changes. Prolong Your Health, Prolong Your Life!

Home Safety Topics

take the tour - room by room.

Home safety topics room by room just may be your key to aging in place - your place; home. Whether patient or caregiver, danger lurks for any one, especially the elderly. A vibrant, healthy, get up and go moment can turn into a tragic, debilitating path of decline the next. And it can happen just that quick, changing many lives in an instant. So whether you are looking to implement improved safety to avoid falls and trips or ways to call for help if something should go wrong, you'll be glad you've stopped here!

These home safety topics come from 15+ years of my own experience in patients' homes. Over the years, I've learned why injury occurs or how help could have come sooner. I've also learned that, due to the way home care physical therapists are paid, many don't take the time to take the tour of your home and point out hidden dangers. Sad and life destroying, but true.

Now you don't have to depend on your home care staff, in fact, many boomers would simply like a home safety check. Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for a home safety check and if you ask for a home care PT to come to your home to point out home safety topics, some agencies will try to impose a reason why they need to come see you over and over again and bill Medicare big bucks.

Because of the fraud and abuse, not to mention scammers on the rise (poising as home care professionals at your door) I've listed these home safety topics by room so you can do your own walk through to determine your needs. You can also add your comments, tips and tricks for others to read and reply to below. This expands our growing community of health and safety conscious individuals and brings more heads together to fight debilitation due to lack of home safety.

Get your pencil... you're about to embark on the best home safety topics tour of your life!

Basement Safety
Many people gather in the basement to watch TV, play games, eat or socialize. You'll discover some important home safety measures to keep you safely utilizing your entertainment center for years to come.
Bathroom Safety
The bathroom is full of potential life threatening safety issues. Consider the hard surfaces (toilet, bathtub, counter, towel racks) that can deliver swift blows on the way down from a fall.
Bedroom Safety
One third of your life is spent sleeping. Discover small and not so small lifesaving changes ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our bedrooms for life!
Driveway Safety
Driveways come in many shapes, sizes, materials and grades. Walkers, canes and feet can meet their challenge on these often uneven shapes. Save a broken hip or back. Learn what you can do to make your driveway safe and keep it that way.
Entry Safety

Entry thresholds can feel like mountains and literally throw you for a loop. Learn the best ways to navigate these non-negotiable necessities and how you can make them safer.
Garage Safety
The link between car and home sweet home for most people. This part of your house can house many hidden dangers. With cement floors in most garages, most hips do not survive a fall here. Is your garage safe for your loved one?
Indoor Step Safety
Steps connect and separate us from parts of our home. Lack of safety in your staircase can spell disaster. Make this the safest place in your home. Gravity NEVER goes to bed - safety shouldn't either.
Kitchen Safety
Home safety must begin in every room of the home from ceiling to floor. Your kitchen is no exception. Discover the best ways to keep your loved ones in good health for a long, high quality life.
Living Room Safety
Enjoy family time, family worship or a cup of coffee with a friend in this cozy part of your home. BUT, enjoy it injury free.
Outdoor Step Safety
Steps, small or large, link your outside life with your inside life. Here are a few considerations to think about and prepare for.
Sidewalk Safety
Home sweet home can become a scary place to enter and exit with poor planning. With unsafe sidewalks and drives, our fate could be left up to the obstacles they leave.
Yard Safety
Home safety does not stop at your front or back door. Who doesn't enjoy sipping lemonade or filling the bird feeders? A yard is a blessing in deed however, dangers still lurk where and when you least expect it.


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