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Do I Need Home Health Physical Therapy?

take inventory, then decide.

Do I need home health physical therapy? Hundreds of people just like you are asking this question every day. The answer is not easy. Why? Although home health care may be beneficial for some, you must have a skilled need to convince insurance to pay the bill. Ultimately, it is your right as a patient to refuse this care - if you don't want it or feel you need it:

You have the patient right to:

"The right to consent to or refuse treatment after being provided sufficient information to make informed decisions about the proposed treatment, the benefits and risks of such proposed treatment, and the alternatives to such treatment."

With this right to refuse care, though, as you can see above, you can only do so after you have been made aware of the consequences. If you need home health physical therapy and refuse it, you just need to understand that you may suffer consequences such as more falls, continued weakness, decreased mobility and ability to transfer and get around your home.

Some factors you may want to consider when trying to answer the big question - do I need home health physical therapy?

  • Do you live alone?
  • This question alone may be your deciding factor. When you need help for simple ADL's and you are alone, you are inviting injury.

  • Are you homebound?
  • Does it require a taxing effort to leave your home? Bottom line - Medicare will not pay for laziness. If you can leave your home without extreme effort, Medicare will only pay for outpatient physical therapy

  • Can you dress yourself completely and safely?
  • This question begs an honest answer. You can probably get by with no bath for several days or even weeks (peuw!) BUT, you won't be able to get by without pants, socks and shoes on!

  • Do you need to become stronger or improve your balance to stay at home?
  • Just coming home is enough to pump some strength into most, however, for specific balance or strength issues, your latest fitness fad workout DVD is likely NOT the answer - your local home health agency may be!

  • Do you have a history of falling?
  • If a fall landed you in the hospital or rehab facility in the first place, you will want to think twice about refusing home health care. Even though you went through balance training there, it can be a different story at home!

  • Is your home safe?
  • You may think so, but it's better to be safe than sorry! If nothing else, let a home health physical therapist come out and evaluate you and your situation. Discuss what they found and help you make a decision. You have the patient right to not only refuse home care, but to also refuse it at any time during the process, but you can't keep refusing and accepting! You also have the responsibility to accept any consequences for refusing home care - i.e. increased falls, risk of further injury etc.

You may know by now that home health physical therapy is what you need for your unique situation. The best choice is to hire a private physical therapist. However, budgets may not allow for this. Before you call your local home health agency's, discover why home health phyiscal therapy pay can affect the quality of care you receive. With that knowledge, then, you will be able to ask questions that you know may affect your ultimate success.

Remember, you can always find a myofascial release therapist to help resolve pain. You can hire a specialized personal trainer who comes to your home and helps you get stronger. There are specific needs that need to be addressed by a physical therapist, so talk to your doctor and get his/her input on your thoughts.

There are many more questions to be asked and everyone's situation is very different and sometimes very complex. If you are still wondering if you need elderly home health care, start here.


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