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Home Health Lemons:  How Home Health Physical Therapy Pay Can Affect Your Care.  E-book Home health physical therapy salary will vary from state to state and from agency to agency. I imagine that the future of home health care pay may fluctuate depending on the future of our health care system and the big "overhaul."

Physical therapists are paid differently by different agencies depending on their pay structure and depending on availability of full time, part time or PRN (as needed).

Full time - is just that full time. PT's are required to see so many patients or meet so many points per day and we basically go where we are told. Salaried or per visit rate.

Part time - is, well, not always half of full time but we are still required to go where we are told to go. Salaried or per visit rate.

PRN - as needed... the only way to go in my opinion but it has it's pros and cons (listed in the ebook). Per visit rate.

That said and with the understanding that I have no research or data to guarantee rates of pay, (as they do vary for any number of reasons) home health care is a great paying job with superb flexibility.

How To Negotiate Home Health Physical Therapy Salary e-book When it comes to home health physical therapy salary, physical therapists are in demand. We must be honest and be fair. We'll sleep better at night and we will become well known and highly respected in our demographic locations. In fact, many patients are seeking out Private Pay PT's as word gets around that their quality of care seems unsurpassed!

With constant changes in this field, give us your ideas, opinions, tips and comments on how you negotiated your home health physical therapy salary so others can learn. Sharing our ideas will help our specialty field continue to be competitive and help new-comers to avoid burnout and resentment due to lack of knowledge in the salary negotiation area of an enterview.

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