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Home health care jobs are on the rise. Ten thousand boomers turning 65 every day now till 2030 almost guarantees any home care professional a secure job for as long as you want it. You may have heard glamorous stories about home health employment. Glamor shots can be true but the day in and day out of this best paying career may leave you dissatisfied and chasing the illusive dream that you had heard about.

Medicare changes are looming (again) and will always be. I've seen a lot of change in my 15+ years of home care experience - you will too. Technology is on the rise with Universal Design Homes, increased usage of iPads, Smart Phones and even laptops among the elderly; all signs point to health care at the push of a button, yet so fragile that one power outage or natural disaster can cause loss to an entire home health agency, hospital and ultimately you. Fraud is rampant - the loophole dancers will always be looking for the way to make the buck in home care at the expense of delivering care and a future to your grandparents, parents, siblings and eventually you.

Retire To Something

Holding a high ethical head mingled with a tech savvy base and a compassion and desire to truly make a committment to protect, respect and serve these aging loved ones may not secure your job but will secure your reputation and integrity and put you on the road to success. My folks always told me that honesty was the best policy; choose this value and you could be well on your way to establishing your own, word of mouth private pay physical therapy business.

Who Are You?

Home health care jobs can have some hidden skeletons that diminish the glamour that illuminated graduate students at one point in time. I'll attempt to give you the big picture of physical therapy - through my eyes and my 15+ years of experience.

Whether you are looking for a new career, your first career or just on the hunt to discover the best paying home health care job, home health physical has only been nibbled on by the economy. However, with Obamacare looming and new elections on the horizon, who knows what will happen. The future is yet unseen but my experience is not...

With so many different niches WITHIN the field of physical therapy, home health care has got to be the best! OK, I'm sure I'm a bit biased but, after 15+ years working as a home health care physical therapist, you benefit from my experience! Learn from my mistakes.

What's cool about the big picture is that you can tuck it away for the next 40 years and pull it out when you get bored or burned out.

Understanding The Home Health Care Jobs Fine Print

Looking at home health care jobs means learning the fine print! It's crucial! Basically, short of taking some career tests and all... you need to know what fits you and what you have to offer an employer. Know yourself and your potential career choice before setting off to grab one of the best paying careers.

Your opinion, values and life will evolve over the years as you learn and experience physical therapy, but for now it will provide you with focus. And focus can tell you what career niche in physical therapy is best for you right now. Remember that home health care jobs are not always the most rewarding. Personalities and individual situations and circumstances vary as one snow flake from the other... proceed wisely.

Home Health physical therapy is not for everyone...

Are You A Social Bug?

I spend most of my days driving, sometimes walking across the assisted living facility hallway, sometimes an hour and a half between patients. I live an hour away from my office so that adds more drive time. If you like to be by yourself, listening to music books on CD, or have a great Smart Phone data plan, home health physical therapy may be for you!

I need my social time but I do enjoy time alone to think, dream, and plan. I love learning too, so if I'm not listening to a book on CD or my iPod, I'm deep in thought about my next invention. I manage to sneak my social time in when I stop by the office to finish up paper work. But, for me, it's still not enough time with co- workers! Home health care jobs can be a lonely and not for you if you are a social bird!


Do You Get Bored Easily?

Despite some of the drawbacks, this niche has turned out to be one of the best careers I've found in the physical therapy field! Nice thing is that I'm not stuck here. I could change my job focus tomorrow without having to go back to school for career change learning. Why should I? I've found the best career. I can hop from specialty to specialty if I get bored or burned out. I can even change my focus within home health care, which I have done. My focus now is - myofascial release. I do a mix of PRN work and my own private pay work.

Are You Innovative?

Home health care jobs allows you to start out with the basic things you've learned in school, but you find out real quick that innovation is the key. Besides a few pieces of theraband, theratube, ankle weights, maybe a therapy ball if it fits in your car, you don't have much at all! You've got, well, you and the patient... BUT, you've got a ton of options in every home, you just need to learn how to spot them - and use them.

My secret? Every patient weighs something! That weight is my weight stack! By using their body weight as resistance, you can turn many exercises into progressive resistive ones AND make them functional! That's all I need!

OK, some motivation would help! A huge frustration of mine is a generation or perhaps a socio-economic status of people who are happy to become one with their couch. This is why I have deviated from the typical home care that I used to implement.

My new specialty focus requires a treatment table which I willing haul around from house to house. The benefit of myofascial release therapy over traditional therapy has been exciting to see although I still use traditional therapy for home exercises, posture improvements, home safety, balance etc.

Are You Computer Savvy?

Home health care jobs are going high tech. It's the price we pay for living on this earth now and not 50 years ago! If your pride or lack of knowledge is keeping you away from a laptop, an iPad or a Smart Phone, home care may not be for you. I think I work for the only standing home health agency yet in Indiana who does not have me working off a laptop! I love it but then again, I sometimes don't. The convenience of technology is so handy but the problems with laptops, battery usage, security, etc etc etc can take longer to fix than a home health visit would take to finish! I've sat for hours on the phone in the past talking with IT tech support trying to figure out my laptop issue! Just one more point of negotiation when it comes to looking for home health care jobs; be sure that time is compensated cause it will happen.


Are you ready for high tech homes for the elderly? They are here! Smart toilets, Smart Vital Signs Monitoring... it's all here now and will only increase. Keeping up with your own knowledge in the computer, technology based world will further your success in your home health care jobs search or diminish your learning curve when you begin to walk into smart homes!

Does Your Work Ethic Reflect Your Values?

Seems like a rude question but I've seen 10 minute home health physical therapy visits. I've been told by patients whom I'm covering whilel another PT is on vacation that they have learned more and done more in my 60 minute visit than all the visits of the previous PT combined! That's sad but reflects the overall generation of medical care that our nation is witnessing. Take an honest look at your values and ask yourself if you fit the physical therapy code of ethics. Be honest with yourself... hundreds of human beings with longings, goals, feelings and families are depending on your work ethic to deliver a high standard of care to them. Subscribe to our e-zine and discover what patients are expecting from their home health physical therapist.

Home health care jobs in physical therapy will offer you many different pay structures. Understanding how each of them works and which ones you will benefit from will keep you from becoming a Home Health Lemon. The satisfaction of home health care physical therapy comes from protecting, respecting and serving our aging loved ones. Yes, bills need to be paid and "a man is worthy of his hire" - keep it real and keep it honest and you WILL be rewarded in the end.

Are You In PT School or Thinking About PT School?

If you are a mother or already working full time or even a student going back to school, home health care jobs (especially physical therapy) offers you the flexibility and the pay that you may be looking for to keep up the bills, pick up the kids, attend classes, etc! Find out what kind of PT requirements you'll be looking at in your search for the best paying career.

Keep dancing! You are one of millions looking to fulfill a niche, need and passion in your life. Home health care jobs in physical therapy can make a great impact in your life and those your serve - if you allow it to. Determine to be the best, day in and day out, under the blazing sun or the deepest chill of winter. In the end everybody wins!

I Love SBI!


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