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Home health care business start up can be your worst nightmare. Thousands of start ups have come and gone as the pit bulls eat up the kittens.

It's not that the pit bulls are necessarily bullies, but you MUST have the resources in hand, on staff and in the bank for years to come if you will survive the tempest of Medicare changes and such.

The rules and regulations are out of this world in this largely unsupervised segment of health care.

Unsupervised in the sense that your workers are out there in the field. You have no clue what is going on. Some have collected paycheck after paycheck and never seen one patient. Some are in and out of a home in 10 minutes.

Others work with the integrity that seems to be lost with each passing generation - hard to find but a few exist! THESE are the ones you must have for your home health care business start up to thrive.

You've got to put the tools together to run a superb business if you will come out on top.

Turning your home health business start up into a success Your home health care business start up dream does not happen over night and is not for the faint at heart. What doesn't kill you will make you stronger is what I've seen over the last 15+ years working for home health agencies.

However, if this venture is for you and you want to deliver gold to your patients, bookmark our site and come back often. A wealth of information is yours for the asking. And we add more info every week.

Every now and then I stumble over various home health agency resources that I would definitely invest in if were my own agency. I know how the business runs as an outside employee looking in... learn through my eyes, yet understand that I never owned my own business in this field.

I'm not trying to discourage you but I want you to know it's hard work. And I don't want to see my respected boomer population (or anyone!) suffer with poor quality of care due to the ill prepared or ill warned start up owner.

Integrity, ethics, compassion and competency - IS the standard of care.

So, ask questions and please share tips...it's unlikely that you'll be sharing a tip with your next door competitor neighbor! Help and be helped is the motto!

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