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Home Health Advertising with Home-Health-Care-Physical-Therapy.Com reaches your clients during their quest for home health physical therapy help. This exclusive, passionate, "help as many as we can" site is the only one of its kind dedicated to protecting, respecting and serving our precious aging companions.

Since January 1 2011, 10,000 baby boomers have turned 65 every day and will continue to do so till 2030. Home-Health-Care-Physical-Therapy.Com partners with you to capture those looking for services and products that address their stay at home needs.

We are strategically aligned to meet the demands of these aging boomers online with the basic Do-It-Yourself Home Health Physical Therapy information. However, thousands are looking for home products or one on one care that only you, can provide.

If you want to create a win-win-win (you-visitor-Home-Health-Care-Physical-Therapy.Com) promotional partnerships through home health advertising, let's talk.

We offer advertising partnerships to:

  • Home Health Agencies

  • Physical Therapy Equipment Providers

  • John F. Barnes Myofascial Therapists

  • Private Pay Physical Therapists

  • Geriatric In Home Personal Trainers

  • Home Health Physicians

  • Home Health Dentists

  • Total Joint Replacement Facility's

  • Advertise by State

Home Health Advertising Reaches Patients When They Are Looking For Help...

Advertising Options and Rates

The reality of today means that questions get answered online. Even as this generation ages, they will likely carry their iPads and iPhones to the grave - constantly connected. Reach them on this growing, top rated site.

Boomers and Caregivers use the Web.

Advertising Options and Rates

Most of our visitors are future patients and caregivers looking for help. Let's face it, caring for our precious aging companions is not far from caring for children - there is no time for relaxation. In our microwave generation, customers need information now. Home Health Advertising here can reach them now.

The right website has the power to reach those highly-targeted customers, and more of them, 24x7x52. It takes persistent, repetitive, and positive exposure by a trusted authority who shares the passion to deliver the results that your advertising dollars have long sought.

Why Advertise With Home-Health-Care-Physical-Therapy.Com? Boomers And Caregivers Are Looking For More and More Help ONLINE

Advertising Options and Rates

Home-Health-Care-Physical-Therapy.Com is always open, ready to reach your future customer when s/he does Web research for home physical therapy related information. Often, Do-It Yourself-ers discover that they need a bit more help than our online content based site offers. This is when they see your ad - and click... you've got a potential patient.

Home-Health-Care-Physical-Therapy.Com connects with potential patients before they even talk to their doctor. They find Home-Health-Care-Physical-Therapy.Com in the midst of crisis or in anticipation of the need for home health physical therapy. Home Health Advertising here works! Will they see YOU here?

Obamacare Can Impact You

Advertising Options and Rates

On July 5, 2011 - The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a number of proposed changes to Medicare home health payments for 2012 that if finalized will promote greater efficiency and payment accuracy. They also predict severe reimbursement cuts.

These changes (and more to come as Obamacare unravels it's ugly pages) will have a sure and decisive impact on the future of your company. Not every visitor to our site finds the information they need - in fact, many contact me asking for help. That's when I encourage them to click on your advertising banners and links!

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Together, we can build a program that...

  • promotes your business with the mission to protect, respect and serve

  • and connects your home care service directly with your prospective patients when they are looking for you.

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Advertising Options and Rates

Find Home Health Professionals to Fill Your Positions

Home Health Agencies

Home Health Equipment or DME Providers

John F. Barnes Myofascial Therapists

Private Pay Physical Therapists

Geriatric In Home Personal Trainers

Home Health Physicians

Home Care Dentist Advertising

Total Joint Replacement Facilities


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