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Home exercise programs are often canned programs - one size fits all is what many short staffed, burned out health care professionals think and provide. What they often forget is that not every hip replacement or knee surgery rehabs in exactly the same way for each individual.

When it comes to your success in meeting your rehab goals, it's important to understand a bit more about your disease and how exercise will help or hinder. You have a right to know - it's your body and you (at some point in time - in your working years) have had to pay for the care you may be receiving through a home health agency.

You've got one chance, one body and your efforts at strengthening and rehab should be making a difference. Share your successes and failures with your home exercise programs so we all can learn, strengthen and live the life that's left out there!

Join in!

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Share your successes and your failures. Help and be helped!

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Debra's Question: Dear Marcia, Any recommended Wheelchair exercise DVDs. My friend has lung cancer with bone lesions and a DVD might help her …

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