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build your own success.

Home exercise equipment and programs often comes canned - one size fits all is what many short staffed, burned out health care professionals think. You are to important to get a canned program! After all, canned programs, the handouts that everyone gets, don't take into consideration your specific needs and can often overlook your specific needs. When a canned program does not fit what you need, your goals towards independence are at stake.

When it comes to your success in meeting your rehab goals, it's important to understand a bit more about your disease and how exercise will help or hinder. You have a right to know - it's your body and you (at some point in time) have had to pay for the care you are receiving.

You've got one chance, one body and your efforts at strengthening and rehab should be making a difference. Don't let one more day slip by. Your clock is ticking - make the best use of time for the best rest of your life now! You can use items around your home to accomplish your exercise goals or you can purchase your own equipment. You'll even learn how to use your own body weight to progress your strength.

I've got a whole stack of home exercises that you'll find useful. It is always best to consult your physician and let him/her know of your intentions to start a home exercise routine. Your physician may recommend a physical therapist or a specialist personal trainer to help you set up a home program that will help you accomplish your goals.

Below the Belt Exercises

What can home exercise equipment help?

Wheelchair workout kit

Gymnastik Standard Swiss Ball


Using swiss Physical therapy ball for strength, balance and stretching in home exercise program

KorFlex Resistance Bands

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