Hip Replacement Recovery Exercises For Do-It-Yourself Physical Therapy At Home

Hip Replacement Recovery

do-it-yourself home exercises!

Your hip replacement recovery will depend on you. Learning what you need to do is your first step. You've read up on the welcome home tips and how to pace yourself through your home exercise program, now it's time to find that dreaded list of exercises you were given in the hospital. You can't find it? No problem, we've got a list here. And we're adding more!

Your biggest enemy will be pain and time. You want the pain to be gone and if it's not pain, it's weakness. Give it time. Remember you've had two traumas. Your first trauma was that of your painful hip - painful enough for you to start the process of hip replacement recovery which was surgery. Your second trauma - and much more traumatic was your surgery. You didn't remember a thing but it was pretty loud in there... had you been awake, it might have sounded like a carpenter's shop!

So, allow yourself time to heal, period. Give yourself one day a week to rest. God asks us to rest on Sabbath so find a day that works best for you and your schedule and just relax - your hip and other muscles working over time will thank you!

Hip replacement recovery exercises are similar to knee replacement exercises at first. After a few weeks they get to be more specific to your surgery. Sign up for my newsletter and find out when I'll be releasing my latest e-books on walking your through total joint replacement exercises - from start to finish.



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