Heart Attack Treatment - What You Should Know About the Common Effects of Exercise Training.

Heart Attack Treatment

is exercise training right for my heart?

Heart attack treatment is not cut and died but remember, every small step towards a healthier lifestyle counts when it comes to taking care of your heart pre or post MI (heart attack)! When compared to the alternative - not exercising, the benefits are far outweighed by exercise vs. a couch potato life.

So, how does exercise training affect you if you've had a heart attack? Here are some well studied and known facts:

  • An Exercise routine will offer some protection against another MI or heart attack happening from strenuous physical activity. i.e. A sedentary individual who has had a heart attack already will be more likely to trigger another one when he/she decides to go shovel a bit of snow off the walk

  • You will increase your ability to take in maximal oxygen through an exercise routine vs. becoming or staying sedentary and using only half your lung capacity and therefore getting only a pittance of oxygen to your body.

  • You will notice that your breathing becomes less and less labored as your establish and exercise routine and that your warm up phase will become easier over time.

  • BEST NEWS YET! Worried about how to increase your good (HDL) cholesterol? Exercise! It's free! Take advantage of it.

  • You will find that as you continue with an exercise routine, your body will become stronger and little bouts of exertion that caused minor chest pain or discomfort before due to internal dynamics, will begin to disappear.

  • You'll feel better! It is almost impossible for exercise to NOT make you feel better! Plus, the little things in life that used to exhaust you, like getting mail or vacuuming will become easier!

  • OK, no more new years resolutions! You've already started it - today! Exercise, no matter how little you feel it may be, can help you lose weight, get rid of fat stores, help you lower your blood pressure, lower your total cholesterol, serum triglycerides, and your bad LDL cholesterol! Did we miss anything!

  • The bad news - exercise training ALONE does not do much to help the dysfunction left ventricle, however, the benefits of exercise that we've just noted, again, far outweigh most reasons not to engage in an exercise routine.

  • Since exercise training alone is good but not good enough, natural remedies can help to fill in the gaps.

Many patients with heart problems are on medications. It's important to understand the role of medication management in heart attack treatment when it comes to exercise and activity level. And one last word... use your good judgement - ask your doctor if exercise is right for you and your heart.


Your symptoms may be different next time - learn more!

Using exercise for heart attack treatment

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