Health and Physical Fitness - Showing you 8 Simple Steps to Avoid Home Health Care Physical Therapy!

Health and Physical Fitness

keys to avoiding home health care!

Your health and physical fitness used to be based on a long, drawn out cardio program, stretching and strength training. While still important, we dispel the myths and include what's left out of our failing multi billion dollar fitness industry!

Good news, times have changed, theories have changed and science backs it up! Gone are the days when you have to spend 45 grueling "cardio" minutes on that treadmill to get into the fat burning zone.

We used to believe that health and physical fitness was based on rapid walking 30 minutes for several times a week. It was seen that this could increase life span by even 10 years... just walking! Now, just any little amount of activity is proven to make you health gains... but there's more!

Walking is still the best exercise for health and physical fitness but we are doing it less and less. Studies have shown that men and women who are 60 and 70 can become as fit and energetic as 20 and 30 years AND that those who were the most unfit showed the greatest results!

But to focus solely on exercise is like expecting your car to run smoothly while only changing the oil once every 3 months. You must put gas in the tank, you must air up the tires, you must have brake fluid, transmission fluid - everything for that car to run smoothly!

Humans are no different - BUT, for years, we believe the myth that if we just exercised more, we would shed the weight and become health. Partially true... it all helps, but not to the exclusion of emotional health and spiritual peace and health. Health and physical fitness require all three components.

Before we talk about how exercise affects our health and physical fitness, know that all of the following 8 areas of life must be tended to in order to enjoy a peaceful, healthy life:

Now, a few notes on exercise and its impact on your health and physical fitness - a very important baby step - turning inactivity to activity.

Exercise Can Do All That For Me?!

You have likely read or heard about the wonderful benefits of exercise but how does this actually work? How does the physiological process happen in the body? Let's find out by listing the life giving benefits to your health through physical fitness:

Improves Muscle and Blood Vessel Tone

When you exercise your muscles demand more oxygen. You breathe faster to take more oxygen out of the fresh air and into your lungs, and your heart beats faster to get this oxygen rich blood from your heart to where it's needed - in your muscles! As the heart rate increases, more blood is pushed through system requiring the blood vessels to expand and contract (almost like stretching them) to accommodate the increase in blood from the heart.

The blood vessels are lined with smooth muscles. Muscles are strengthened by contracting and relaxing. This happens as the oxygen rich blood is pumped on through them. The blood vessels will get weak if they are not exercised. This can contribute to blood pressure problems.

Physical demands on most any muscle, voluntary (like arm and legs muscles) or involuntary (like stomach and heart muscle) will build its strength calorie burning ability.

Makes the heart stronger and more efficient

Exercise increases the demand on the heart to pump more blood. This causes the heart to get stronger and as a result it also beats more efficiently.

If the heart is weak, it will squeeze a little bit of blood through your veins with each beat. As it gets stronger, it pumps more blood per beat through your vessels. So, now your strong heart has to beat less at rest to circulate blood and will also beat more (but still less than it used to) during physical exercise.

Better digestion

Have you ever kneaded bread? It takes a lot of energy and therefore a lot of oxygen to supply your muscle to knead it! Same thing with digestion... lots of circulating blood needed to supply the organs to knead all that food up.

Exercise improves this process and helps to get the blood back up to the heart (against gravity). Since nothing is sluggish, your bowels won't be either! If you are trying to normalize your bowel action, physical fitness in the form of exercise will benefit your health in helping you keep your colon clean.

Remember to wait at least an hour or so before moderate exercise if you have just eaten. A brisk walk is great and actually improves your digestion but vigorous exercise will pull vital blood away from the digestive organs and towards the other muscles performing the vigorous exercise. This tends to promote an environment of fermentation as your last meal sits and waits for the needed circulation to digest it properly. This can cause upset stomach and gas.

Our number one selling resource includes almost 80 pages dedicated to an in depth discussion about these 8 principles of healthy living - nothing fancy to buy ever again, just making small changes and simplifying your life! How peaceful!

Buy it now and learn more about health and physical fitness and the 7 other laws of health, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

More to come - stay tuned.

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