Happy with Salary

(Chapel Hill, NC)


I am very happy with my PT salary. I get paid every two weeks and make $90 per visit and $125 per admission.

Marcia's Comment:

Although not a question, Mo brings up some good discussion about how Home Health Physical Therapy Salary works.

Mo gets paid every two weeks where as I've worked several different agencies over the last 15 years who pay every week and sometimes every month.

Cash physical therapists, of course, set their own payment schedule, some offering pay per treatment while others will offer clients a package at a reduced rate.

The sum of money that you receive per visit will also be based on your employment status. i.e. Full Time, Part Time or PRN. This is where your negotiation skills come in.

I've written more about what to think about when negotiating per visit rate in my e-book: Home Health Lemons.

This e-book also talks about how some physical therapists have fallen into the piece rate mentality and how it adversely affects patient care as well as our own practice as a whole. A worth while read!

Mo also mentioned a per visit rate ($90) vs. an admission rate ($125). Admissions simply mean that first PT visit when we do all the admitting paperwork. This can take some time as well as a learning curve for new-comers to the profession. Admission rates should reflect the increased amount of time you are spending with the patient.

Every agency will offer a ball park figure but you really need to dig in and get everything in writing, including your agreed upon mileage rate, any increases in pay for greater travel distance etc.

Our Physical Therapy Code of Ethics seems to be slowly eroding away. Commitment to our high standard work ethic in treating patients as if they are family will go a long way in the life of each of our patients.

Private Pay PT's can also advertise on our website.

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