Getting High On Fresh Air

the higher the better!

Fresh air can help cure many diseases and ailments, natural remedy for pain and insomnia Getting high on fresh air? The timing may not be better. In this economy with the housing market at an all time low, (dispite the challenges of selling) if you are looking to relocate, keep a healthful outlook at all cost. Fresh air should be considered by the wise one buying or building a house (or moving). Stay away from building, buying or renting in low, hollowed out areas. Many elderly rely and depend on a realtor to help them find a great place to live but sometimes realtors do not have your health in mind... only convience and functional ability - which will be worth nothing if you don't have your healt!.

Research from the Institute of of Health in Washington County, Virginia concluded that homes in low lying areas showed cancer history in their occupants. Most homes in these areas are by creeks, rivers or swamps and the air, although, fresh and flowing is damp.

Assure every cell in your body the life giving, fresh air that it needs when you open a windown or door! Plentiful and free, getting high on fresh air can give you untold benefits of health and healing. I encourage my home health patients to exercise or walk outside whenever the weather is inviting and pleasant. However, even in the winter time, a cracked window will keep the dark and dank smell of disease and death out!

So, if you're looking to buy, build or rent - do it high! The higher the better (and I'm not talking about cost)! And, keep shrubs and tree shading to a minimum. Also be aware of poisonous gases around or in your home:

  • unvented gas heaters

  • sewer gases

  • tobacco smoke or side stream smoke

  • farm sprays like insecticides, defoliants and the like

  • fumes from treated wood used to build homes can escape for several years after installation

  • plastic hard foam installation panels for a better R-factor will fill a house with poisonous fumes if the house ever catches fire

  • cancer-causing organic compound called benzene and toxic gas carbon monoxide are released with some leaf and wood

Getting high on fresh air is no joke - if you're not careful, you'll become addicted to this life giving magic! Boomers, take note if you are looking for a new home - the higher the better... reach for the sky! It's healthier up there!.

Information on this page taken from this trusted resource.


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