Frozen Shoulder and your future - learn how to prevent it or thaw it out!

Frozen Shoulder

upper extremity black ice.

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis leaves your shoulder very stiff and painful - frozen as it were! It can take from two months up to two years to resolve but does not have to be a part of your medical history.

Thickening of the connective tissue capsule that surrounds your shoulder joint restricts it's movement and can be very painful.

This condition is resolved over time by stretching and strengthening exercises, sometimes corticosteroid injections and occasionally shoulder surgery to loosen up the capsule.

This condition is more common if you have had your arm immobilized for a length of time or have had a pacemaker installed with shoulder limitations and is more common in people with a diabetes diagnosis.

How you can avoid this painful shoulder ailment...

Stay tuned.

We're developing a home exercise routine to keep your stretched out and one to help you recover and remain 'ice' free!

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