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How fresh air purifiers can improve fresh air quality and improve physical therapy results A fresh air purifier can brings a world of wonderful benefits to patients and caregivers who often suffer from low energy, sleep disorders, pain and weight issues. While not a cure all, we underestimate the immediate health benefits and rewards of fresh air. Every cell in our body is bathed in what we breathe - the fresher the air we can breathe, the more we feed our cells, the more successful our home health physical therapy programs are!

Many are on an unsustainable fresh air fast? Sound ridiculous?! It is true - millions of people are oxygen deficient! Oxygen deficiency translates into disease. Good blood means full, deep breaths of pure air. This pure air purifies the blood. Simple as that. Fresh air purifiers will not add oxygen to your air. Be sure to open a window a tiny bit year round to ensure oxygen rich air is moving through your home and, of course, your fresh air purifier.

"Millions of people suffer from a wide variety of ailments that are partly caused by an insufficient supply of oxygen. The problem is that most people do not breathe correctly, and this continually weakens their health, their happiness, and their hold on life itself."

Vance Ferrel, Harold M Cherne, MD; America's Master Book of Home Remedies - Natural Remedies Encyclopedia - Prescriptions From Nature's Storehouse, p.31 (2004)

Consider these vital free benefits of utilizing this free resource. Build health and save money:

  • Stale air has little or no oxygen. Fresh air is full of oxygen.

  • Oxygen means energy! Dump the coffee - take a walk - outside.

  • Fresh air is free medicine! Who doesn't like free?!? Go green - saving money!

  • Burn more fat with more oxygen to fuel the fat burning fire!

  • The ultimate solution to your sleep disorder - insomnia!

  • Get high on fresh air!

  • Reduce pain with fresh air!

  • The price of smog? - Reverse it with a fresh air purifier!

More Oxygen - Better Health

How fresh air helps elderly improve home health physical therapy results and goals Oxygen deficiency comes from, well, no oxygen - poorly ventilated areas of work or home. It also comes from breathing improperly.

Standing and sitting tall is more than a posture thing after all! Improve your posture and voila - bigger lungs - more air - more oxygen - more energy - better blood - better health!

Poor oxygen concentration slows down circulation - sluggish blood movement - depressed and gloomy mind - breeding ground for fevers and other acute diseases to sprout. Too much money is wasted on some one medication after the next in hopes of relief. Our 8 basic resources of optimal health are free and abundant to all.

"Fresh air will prove far more beneficial to sick persons than medicine, and is far more essential to them than their food. Thousands have died for want of pure water and pure air, who might have lived."
Take from Counsels on Health, p. 55. Quoted in:
America's Master Book of Home Remedies - Natural Remedies Encyclopedia - Prescriptions From Nature's Storehouse, by Vance Ferrel, Harold M Cherne, MD; p.31 (2004)

Your home needs it, your body needs it - a constant supply - year round allowing a fresh air purifier to do its job - delivering energy, hope and healing to every cell in your body! Enjoy health... no side effects - no cost (except the purifier) - just health from your fresh air purifier - just add fresh air!

Fresh air implies oxygen. Disease can not survive in an oxygenated environment! Breathe deep, breathe often, take in health. Yes, even in the winter and especially where you sleep. No complaints! It's free! Do everyone a favor and open the window!

Free, Easy, Fresh Air Solutions
  • Have circulating, fresh air in your home year round.

  • This is a must in your bedroom at night.

  • Deep breath from the bottom of your lungs.

  • Breath with your abdominal muscle, not your chest and neck.

  • Develop hobbies that get you out in the open air. Your home exercise program may be your hobby for now!

  • Take a walk outside every day...even in the winter time (if you can!)

  • Invest in warmer clothing - an investment in better health!

  • Tobacco "side stream" or second hand smoke? Avoid it!

  • Move to a smog free area - like the country!

  • Hang your bedding outside in fresh air - it's an antiseptic!

When considering the benefits of fresh air on your success in home health physical therapy, if you can't move to higher ground or to the country, give serious consideration to the benefits of a fresh air purifier. No home health physical therapist will tell you that but having been out in the field for 15+ years, I can tell you who makes the most progress! Take an active roll in taking advantage of this free resource. Invest in your health today and learn 7 more extremely simply things you can do to save, simplify, heal and rejoice!


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